D is for… Delicacy

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Who doesn’t get excited, a rapid heartbeat or even an amazing awakening of the taste buds, when eating this rare, extravagant foods denominated as delicatessen (at least I know I do). As a truly proud Mexican I could go on and on about my love for these exotic dishes that come from our gastronomy, hello escamoles (google it) or gusanos de maguey!

But unfortunately, I’m not a food connoisseur so my column today is not about food, although I’m sure that I’ve got some of you mouthwatering, but it’s more about those almost decadent delicacies we find in fashion. I know some of us are torn when thinking about exotic skins or some procedures that involve animals and since I’m not the one to create conflict I’m not even going to go there. These are the pieces that influencers go crazy for, the true classics like caviar or the rarest ones like huitlacoche that are considered small treasures for those who own them. They don’t need to be the most expensive item on the menu I can assure you, it’s more about the knowledge or the “eye” of those who poses these amazing jewels.

They can be found in a small local market in some corner of Istanbul or found in Louis Vuitton’s flagship store in Champs-Élysées, it all depends on perspective (one of my favorite words of the moment, it’s a shame I was not named Petra) or the owners preferences.

I have found my biggest fashion treasures in some random place at 2:00 pm on a Wednesday (ok, it was not random it was at Saks and I rather not discuss further) or at a night market in the outer skirts of Bangkok. That time I remember traveling with family and friends and saw them laughing at the most kitsch bag you’ll ever see, as I spotted the bright hot pink sequined bag in form of a lotus flower I immediately had to buy it, the bulling that I was a victim of on that trip clearly became a victory once I was photographed by street style hunters at NYFW. I’m sad to say though, that I don’t have the InstaProof for that bag, but I gave a very good description, so I’ll invite you to use your imagination.

Then there comes the caviars and champagnes of the fashion industry, the good ol’ classics that never fail to enhance the most fabulous night out. Let’s talk about the caviar skin 2.55 Chanel bag, I mean it even has the word “caviar” on the name how much more delicate can she be? (yes, it’s a she BTW). Or The Petite Malle Monogram bag by Louis Vuitton, I mean it is a hand crafted bag made by the artisans of the fashion house inspired by the Maison Trunks, honestly how much better can it get from there. Although I obviously have my own personal favorites for example The Baguettes by Fendi. Every season you can find the most extravagant ones, they come in all colored sequins (which by now you should know I love) in beaded dreams, appliqués to die for or my own personal favorite the 2000 tie-dye version in bright purple, basically, they are white canvases in which the firm can translate to the most artistic visual fashion expressions. So yes, when talking about these pieces, just like with food, I get a sense of thrill like if I was about to taste fugu for the first time, ok without the dying venom part.

But you see where I’m going… for a true fashionista, fashion influencer, editor or critic there are certain garments, accessories, jewels that are priceless to them, that go beyond the object itself but rather for the whole experience the true value that one small shiny object brings to them.

If you read all the way to the end, tell me what is your favorite fashion delicacy?

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