D is for… Decadence

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As I was thinking of the subject I was going to write about today, I found myself having sort of a writer’s block. Then, as curious as I am, I googled “writers block”.

The entries where too damn depressing and I’m amid writing a novel so the natural thing to do was to have a mini panic attack (it says that some writers can go on for YEARS without being able to write a single word) and I’m being too presumptuous to describe myself as one, but I don’t care, it’s my column (hair flip).  So instead, my next logical move was to go on Instagram, you know, that magical place of bull shit. That’s when I encountered the HT #richkidsofinstagram, and what came in as an instant wave of repulsion (why does this HT even exist?) it suddenly became fascination. Please do not confuse my fascination with me wanting to be in that world or envy it, it became more of a social experiment. If I had to be more precise I would compare it with bird watching.

Many of you must be familiar with these types of accounts, I mean curiosity can come in a form of morbidity when it comes to those extravagant lifestyles. If you follow Floyd Mayweather aka Money Mayweather, the boxer, then you must know what I’m talking about. Pictures of luxury rare cars, millions of diamonds (so many, that one could confuse them with fake ones) and money, like literally hundred-dollar-bills in bunches like Tony Montana. Oh, and if you are looking for the worst of them all, you can follow Dan Bilzerian although I can’t promise that you’ll become fascinated, he is just too much, starting with the fact that he is a real sexist MoFo and that evolution didn’t do him any favors. But then again, he has 23.3 million followers, so chances are that if you are reading this there is a possibility that you are following him already (you can unfollow him and we can hate on him together). Anywho, I started wondering about real decadence.

Not the Baz Luhrmann’s-phenomenal-aesthetics like that scene in The Great Gatsby where Jay surrounds Daisy with thousands of orchids type of decadence, I’m talking about a real one. We all know that history comes in cycles, we’ve seen the greatest emporiums fall from their purest moments of glory, when human greed or bad-decision-making has come their way. And that is what I’ve been thinking of all morning. What can be expected? If we view ourselves as separate entities, then most of us shall not worry, but if we view ourselves as a globalized world (which we are, sorry to tell you) then there is something to be concerned. We are living in one of the most extreme cases of excess (not necessarily like a rich kid on IG) but I can’t even begin to describe our western world era without thinking of the phrase TOO MUCH. Think about your lifestyle, your consumption habits, what you wear, what you eat, how you shop.  Then sadly, I think of the other side of the coin, I ponder about the poorest countries in the world, the most violent ones, my own country, Mexico.

As I opened the news today there was not even one that did not preoccupy me. And as I’m writing this I feel a lot of confusion and fear as to what is coming our way, but I do know that the world is fragile right now.

The political, environmental, social and psychological stances are hanging by a thread. The collective unconscious of this society has the word MORE stuck to it. More money, more beauty, more health, more followers, more, more, more… think about your own. How can we be happy with what we have? And still fight for what we want? If I have an answer for this I promise I’ll share, and for now we’ll see if we get hit by the next Vesuvius.

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