D Is For… Dating

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So, Valentines’s day hugh? Are you going to celebrate this holiday with balloons and love emails or you rather spend your night watching a horror movie on Netflix? We all know that this day is a made-up thing for people to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on cards, flowers, jewelry and chocolate, what a great mafia don’t you think? I can picture the bosses of these industries mischievously planning this day with greed for their profits and disdain for those who are single (please picture this with me, almost like a scene from The Godfather but instead of discussing guns and territories talking about heart shaped candy and red roses for those who are in love).

I know that I’m a grown ass woman and I shouldn’t really care for this Valentine guy, and to be honest I don’t. But this really got me thinking about today’s dating world.

Now that I’ve been 8 years together with my husband I clearly don’t have a clue on what it’s like to be in a world where Tinder and those other dating Apps have taken the place of blind dates (well Tinder could count as a blind date). Where formal calls to one’s house have been replaced by drunken Insta Messages at 3:00 am and when Chivalry is pretty much dead. But I have enough single friends to know what this whole drama is about. And it got me thinking of what “dating personality” I would have in this completely new era. First, there are at least two types of personalities so of course there is a lot to ponder on how women and men act when facing romance. There are the ones who have thrown themselves completely into the online dating game. Why should they lose time in meeting the man or woman of their dreams at a bar? I mean if they are the type of person that does absolutely everything online, like shopping, groceries or banking, love or sex sounds like a given.


But what about the others who think of getting the most perfect meet-cute (if you don’t know what this is I seriously recommend you watch The Holiday, it’s part of our pop-culture since 2006). What happens to them? How they find love?

You must be thinking that I come from another planet, cause the obvious would be, like everyone else from previous generations and how they met their other half. But I know that it has become harder and harder as the years pass by. People are way lazier when thinking of conquering their love interest. Why send flowers when you can send a funny emoji? Why waste your time in picking up your date if you could meet at a place via Über? But to be honest I think I would really struggle on this completely new scenario. And I can’t help but feel confused as whether I’m a two-faced feminist or that this doesn’t have anything to do with feminism at all. But I would absolutely hate splitting the check on a first date, I love that my husband takes my coat and serves me wine. But at the same time, I’m fighting for equal treatment of both men and women, so why would I get the best of both worlds? In this position, I can’t help but to feel a little incongruent, I guess I’ll have some time to decipher it. Meanwhile all I know, is that I saw the cutes heart shaped Swarovski necklace and I hope that Martin (my husband) is reading this as we speak.

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