D is for… Damn It’s Happening!

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It was to be expected, everyone knew it was coming, there where hundreds of speculations that this was imminent, and THAT is happening as we speak, I’m addressing the big elephant in the room, the editorial restructuring.

Just last week it was Cindi Leive’s (Glamour’s Editor in Chief, and a personal favorite of mine) turn to announce her departure of Condé Nast after 16 years in her post and 29 years in the company, only to be preceded by Graydon Carter’s (Vanity Fair’s Editor since 1992) departure.  And all I can say is that I get it, I was in that same situation at the beginning of this year, minus the years and years in that post or their tremendous work at positioning their brands, of course, (I don’t have grandiose delusions, trust me) but I still get it.

The downsizing of editorial teams and budget cuts was a huge part of at least, my own decision to leave Marie Claire (plus other personal reasons) and at this point I can only really speak about my own experience.

And when I talk about this I sometimes still feel that void in my stomach, representing a magazine that I truly admired was a dream of mine since I started my years in college. At that time, it was just a dream, thinking that it was nearly impossible to get there, but thanks to hard work and my younger “online oriented” profile I got there. I started in Glamour Mexico and Latin America as a fashion assistant, at that point I felt sooo grateful to be even be a small part of such a great company, that I sometimes had to pinch myself to know it was true.

I became a part of one of the most amazing teams I could ever ask for, everyone took me under their wing and since Mexico has much smaller editorial teams, I got to learn a lot. I still remember when the beauty editor once came up to me and asked if I could style one of her shoots, my pants dropped, and that is how everything began. I had the best bosses who would patiently (and impatiently at times) taught me all about writing, styling, writing credits (ugh such a pain in the butt!) meeting with clients, PR’s and all there is to know about editing a magazine once a month and with time I was offered the job of Editor in Chief for Marie Claire Mexico and Latin America.

I was living my dream, going to the most amazing fashion shows, leading a tremendous hard working team, proudly having my name in a feminist, journalist oriented, bad ass mag I felt that I had it all…

but the crisis was in its peak, with clients more than ever expecting their ROI, having to downsize the teams (or having them edit two magazines at a time) and having my people work through the night (every single day) and to keep the quality of the magazine with less budget was a challenge. Our readers deserved the best content and with other personal reasons I decided to quit and it’s still a decision that hurts me to the bone, I felt like I was letting my team down, that I was not ready to take that challenge and to leave a platform that talked to thousands of women and be able to spread the message of diversity, women’s rights and smart content was a true loss.

But as Cindi said “As for what’s next for me: I’ve loved being in conversation with women over the last decade, and I’m excited to go deep into projects that stand to improve women’s lives. This is an electric moment for women and activism, and I plan to be a part of that.” Amen. I couldn’t agree more, with my collabs with Americanoize and my personal blog I plan to advocate for women, challenge beauty standards and promote a community of women who support each other, be real and raw and debunk the fashion editorial paradigms. So, with this said my dearest noizettes, I leave you to keep on reading and see you next week!

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