D is for… Don’t Call Me A Feminist…What?!

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Yes, the headline is completely misleading to what I’m going to write about today, because hell yeah, I’m feminist!

But the truth is that over the past years working in editorial I had to do millions (ok, not millions but you get the idea) of interviews to other women. And my go-to question was, “what’s your stand in feminism?” and they would come out and say, I mean I believe in equal rights and all but I don’t consider myself a feminist… WHAT?! “What do you mean, when you nod your head yes, but you wanna say no, what do you mean” (maybe they just mean no Justin, and too afraid to say it out loud… read the signs, and ask straightforward if they SAY yes or NO dude, that’s my suggestion) Ok going too far with the Justin Bieber thing…moving on…

I would get very confused when they would answer that because the definition of feminist is “the advocacy of women’s rights based on the equality of genders”, so equal rights, right? And I would seriously try to make them understand that you don’t have to be a full-on activist on the matter, not that it wouldn’t be great if they got involved, but at least say the words “Yes, I’m a feminist and believe in equal gender rights”. And that considering yourself one, doesn’t necessarily mean that you are a man hatter, an armpit un-shaver, a lesbian (ugh believe me, I’ve heard this one in too many casual conversations, and it is just straight up wrong AND derogatory) or anything that doesn’t “suit” their personalities or roles in society.

I do understand that there are certain undeniable characteristics that differentiate both or all genders. At least for me. I’ve had episodes in my working career where I would get overwhelmed and cry (that was not an excuse or impediment to take the best decisions even if at that moment, I was “too emotional”.) And yes, these differences have to do with how society and mankind has evolved, how men can think with a reptilian mindset and women with a more emotional one, but don’t you all agree that these differences are moldable. That men get emotional too, although their reaction might be hitting a wall because they would be perceived “too lady like” if they cried, men deserve to cry too you know? And we deserve to talk louder if we want to. And honestly the whole human society at this point needs to get in the feminist mindset.

Because there is still too many shocking hate towards women.

Just today as I opened my feed to read the news, two out of four (that where on top of my newsfeed) involved feminicides. Wake up people, feminism is not something that concerns only women but the whole society. We need to start adapting different roles, and begin in the education system. Violence and inequality towards women will be perpetuated if we don’t stop this now. Because consent it’s still an issue, because women are still valued more by their physical appearance and not on what’s in their amazing brains, because himenoplastia is still a thing I mean, really? Because payment gap, yup still an issue. Because Harvey Weinstein. Because African American women and Hispanic women are even further down the ladder of equality. Because teen pregnancy is still an overwhelming issue. Because women who decide to do what they want with their bodies are called sluts while men doing the same thing are considered studs.

Do you want me to keep going? I bet you don’t because it’s too damn depressing. Because the next time you are asked if you are a feminist, you better say yes.

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