D is for… Dogs (Yeah!)

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As I was sitting down to write my weekly column for Americanoize I kept thinking about writing something related to NYFW but it somehow felt wrong. Not that there is anything bad with fashion believe me, I basically want to breath fashion… but at this point it wasn’t natural, all I could think about was Irma, Harvey and the other a-holes out there. Oh, and the earthquakes that went on in Mexico last week which devastated hundreds, so, all I really wanted to do was write about something happy. So yeah… I started:

“D? d…? d-d-d-d-diversity, duuuhhhhinosaurs, dentists, mmm ok no”.

And then there was my really, really good looking Boston terrier, Pollock jumping up and down with enthusiasm, and there I had it, let’s talk about the most wonderful thing in the world: dogs-ok-and-other-pets-that-want-to-feel-good-too (read with Zoolander´s voice it will improve your experience “at the Derek Zoolander Center For Kids Who Can’t Read Good And Wanna Learn To Do Other Stuff Good Too”)(ok, long joke… moving on)  I can still remember when I was super young how my love for dogs became my thing, I would pick them up, roll over the floor with them and as I became older my husband had a slight concern as we went to parties and I greeted (for a half an hour) the dog before the hostess. We had a talk, and now I know better. But all this is to make the point that I’m not the only one who is crazy about dogs or pets in general, the world is too.

When talking about celebrities and influencers we always think about those people who take great Instagram pictures, do amazing movies or are incredibly well sculpted. But we tend to forget about the other type of influencers and celebrities, the others four-legged creatures that generate more likes than Kim Kardashian herself (well, maybe not, but very close). There is Manny The Frenchie, who has 1M followers on IG and gets to meet with celebrities all the time and who I’m sure is making the big bucks for his owner. Or on the other side, we have Grumpy Cat with an amazing 2.3 M followers who’s not only the face of hundreds of memes but has officially made an empire with his face. Literally empire.

I see notebooks, mugs, cards, wallpapers with his little mushed face all over the place or mug. And the thing for me is, we as human beings get along with pets great it’s just the best combo you can get. Would there be a Dorothy without Toto? Elle without a Bruiser? (Legally Blonde), a John Snow without Ghost? Well there is because he tragically died, but that’s just plain cruel.  You get my point, pets are the good we sometimes need to keep on moving and this weekend was proof of that. As I sat watching the news the only thing that could comfort me was my sweet little Boston staring and me and wagging his tail to get his gourmet food, let’s not even go there he is way too spoiled. They are humbling creatures, there is a quote that I love that goes somewhat like this

“To his dog, every Man is Napoleon; hence the popularity of dogs” by Aldous Huxley. And there is where the charm is, they don’t judge, don’t criticize, they love you for who you are and they will stand by you all the way. So, I dedicate this post to all the dogs out there that make their humans so happy. Can you agree? Now go and give them a hug. And if by any reason, you don’t like any pets, well this post is not for you, or even the world maybe, just joking, bye!

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