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Hi guys, I hope you had a great time during the Holidays, I know I did, took some days off, and I feel very rested, except for the fact that I’m in bed because of the flu, but whatever. I was thinking of writing about all the things you can do while in bed, but really? Who am I kidding, I know I can do better than that for my first column of the year (maybe in March or so you can expect something similar, beware!) So instead I want to talk about personal style.

Think about your favorite influencers and how they probably became your fave, because of the way they portray their style, their pictures, filters, captions and everything that makes them, well, them. And although I can’t literally hear you say yes, I know I’m right on this one. I’ve talked to some people about the subject and they think that you need to marry with one particular style like “boho” or “preppy” but that is not a rule at all. In fact, marrying too much with a certain type of brand or style has a downside and that is looking like a mannequin #sorrynotsorry.

Can’t adult today. #lovethybody #normalizingthereal #imsick 🤧😷

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Also, letting you guys know that everyone has a personal style whether you like it or not, maybe you just have it as a habit of buying the same things over and over or that in fact you wished to have a stronger one but haven’t found it yet. Or you already have a kick ass personal style and everyone adores it and you are famous for it, so maybe this column is not for you #bai. You may ask, why in hell would I want a strong personal style?

And I would answer by saying that the way you dress has a deep impact in the people you meet or the people you hang out with, it’s that unspoken language that says more about you than what you think.

It’s like the way you dress is part of you DNA. In my case I developed a very particular style since growing up, my parents let me dress however I wanted since a very early age, and although my styling raised one too many eyebrows I stuck to it. My parents would ask from time to time if I was sure about certain outfits but I always stuck to my gut, and that is how I still dress today, with my gut. I do like to incorporate trends in my style, which is part of it, I’ll always try anything once, or maybe twice. But this is not about me, this is about you. So, my advice would be the following:

Step 1. Follow your gut, but your five-year-old-gut, think of what where the things you died to wear when you were younger, that says a lot about it.

Step 2. Find inspiration in the things you love, let’s say you where obsessed with Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom, so maybe you could incorporate some boy scout pins on your backpack or put a cute scarf on your neck.

Step 3. Step outside your comfort zone, that is one of the hardest steps but one of the most efficient. I hate it when people say,   OMG I love your dress but I wouldn’t wear it. There are two scenarios here, you actually hate my dress or for some reason you don’t think you could pull it off and that is just BS to me. Put it on, grow a pair!

Step 4. That would be to dig deep, go into your closet, or where you hang your clothes put a full length mirror and start trying things on randomly, don’t try to be too perfect or too cautious just play with it, see what combos come out of playing and you might end up having amazing outfits that you would never thought. You don’t need to go shopping just with the things you have, PLAY!

This was a short list but it seems to be efficient when friends ask me how to develop their style or have more outfits to wear without going shopping! Have a fabulous 2018 and I hope to see pictures of your new or improved style!

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