D Is For… Dancing Chairs

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I know that the concept of people dancing around a set of chairs to see who gets out of the game is properly knows as “musical chairs”, but given the fact that my name doesn’t start with an M, and that at this point I’ve made very clear that when it comes to naming my column I’m very arbitrary we can all assume that that is what I meant. But we all know why I want to write about this during the week and that is because every single industry that surrounds us is changing drastically overnight.

If you felt that 2017 was unstoppable and that things where moving faster that the speed of light, it’s safe to assume that this year will be exponential.


What the hell is going to happen in the fashion industry? We don’t know for sure of course, but we can expect things will be moving pretty quickly. The news that Hedi Slimane will be taking the Directive reigns of Céline just came in on Sunday this week and it took the fashion industry by surprise and our minds are rushing to see what Phoebe Philo will be doing next (ok since last October when we learnt she was leaving)? I mean we all know that the legacy of her work is incomparable, but the same needs to be said about Alaïas brand legacy and what will be happening with said brand. But the chair game is not only happening in the luxury sector but in every frame of this industry.

Do you feel the same as me when it comes to the point of questioning if brands are just too desperate?

Changes need to be done especially now that the e-commerce is taking the third place in sales after the markets of China and the US. So, it’s obvious that changes are imminent, but they are happening like a hen without a head, everywhere and with no logical sense. I know I’m throwing information at you like projectiles but that is how I feel that information is hitting me, not even a subscription in BOF will give me some peace as to answer my question of what the hell will happen this year… But I do have an opinion regarding this madness. (If you want more info about the game of musical chairs and how C-level positions are changing I urge you to go into the internet as I am no Wikipedia). Last week I sat in a round table to discuss, well, fashion and we all concluded that we need to go back to basics.

No see now buy now experiments, one of the reasons that designers are moving around like jumping beans (this is a real thing I swear) it’s because they must feel exhausted. Too many collections, no time for input, rest, analysis, no time to breath. The consumers are just avid for the new but with no time of digesting. We need to go back to editorials (online and off-line) to value the work behind every piece or garment. To see how they are curated by influencers and editorials, to understand the meaning of what we are buying. As the fashion industry needs to taka a huuuuge breather we need to do the same as responsible consumers. We urgently need to change as well, so that every piece can accommodate itself in a manner that feels more intuitive than deliberate, there may be a certain logic but as a bystander all I really want is more clarity. How do you feel about this matter?

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