D is for… Dad sneakers et al.

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I was looking through the internet (ok, I sound like a 70 -year-old woman) and while browsing street style, IG, the things that are “trending” and all that sh*t, I couldn’t help but feeling extremely excited (there goes again my need to blow things out of proportion). There are many new trends that make my heart skip a little. Because If we were to describe this decade’s style it would be a little complicated what would be the zeitgeist of this era? it has evolved so much and it’s gone so fast from high to low to minimal to consumerism, to the anti-trends to personal style that sometimes I feel too overwhelmed.

I remember some years ago, there was a lot of talk about how trends and fashion where dead, this premise was supported by the fact that there where so many currents in fashion and so many trends going on at the same time, that the only trend would be personal style, which if you go by meaning that’s not a trend at all. At that moment, I totally agreed with that last statement because it was sort of true, it was not about what you bought but how you wore it. And in today’s world I must admit that I sort of feel the same.

And I say sort of, because I’m completely divided by all these theories. For once, in the last couple of years how many times have you seen the Moschino’s French fries bag? Have you seen in the tiny bubble that is considered la crème de la crème in fashion and early adopters wearing a high heeled sneaker? Iugh you may say know, but back then we felt like a million dollars wearing those tacky shoes. But then it came the time of the Céline’s slip ons, to the all-white Adidas to the black Vans wore by Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid, to the runners, to the basketball player type of shoe, to the new Gucci or Dolce & Gabbana’s colorful sneakers.

I mean if you think about it there HAS been change in the fashion industry but it’s so subtle that it’s hard to tell, and therefore I feel divided. How about the years that it was all about minimal fashion? oh dear lord it was a terrible era for me. You would walk into Zara or H&M and every single piece was white, navy, beige and black. I would scream, where are all the colors!? The ruffles!? The things I really want to wear?!

But then came Alessandro Michele and everything went back to normal from that obscure time in fashion. But let’s skip all this philosophizing and go straight to the point, to the trends, yes trends, that are trending now (I swear I’m not trying to make a tongue twister, it just happened, and I’m too lazy to re-write that sentence). The ironic dad sneakers, I’m completely in love with this concept, not only because my dad owns a few, but by the fact that, those chunky weirdly designed types of shoe are making the big entrance through the front door.

You can go back and see Louis Vuitton’s runway spring 18 so you know exactly the type of accessory I’m referencing to. Also, it collides with the fact that just a few days ago cameras got Kendall’s look wearing the Dad Sneakers and I mean, basically she is one to follow when it comes to trends.  The other “ugly ironic” shoe that I’m in love with is the Balenciaga bejeweled croc. I totally see myself wearing them just so I can tell my kids or nices one day, that I was trying so hard to be so avant-garde that I even wore the ultimate kid (or Doctor) shoe to go.

So yeah, these where the two shoes that blew up my mind and I’ll be probably wearing this season. What is your go-to ironic trend? Let me know!

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