Cynthia Nixon Runs for a Big Role: New York Governor

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“Sex and the City,” actress Cynthia Nixon is running for a big role in politics: the New York Governor.

 She vas  mentioned as a potential primary challenger to Gov. Andrew Cuomo in the 2018 gubernatorial race in New York, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal.

 The 51-year-old star is an outspoken advocate on political issues, public education funding specifically. She’s not held back in her criticisms of Cuomo, who’s in search of re-election in the November 2018 race.

“She’s an out-of-the-box candidate with progressive credentials who would excite people,” Billy Easton, executive director of the Alliance for Quality Education, a public-education advocacy group, told the Journal.

Showing on “The View” in April, Nixon blamed the governor for an absence of funding for public schools.

“I think that, basically, Governor Cuomo is short-changing the children of New York State,”

she mentioned.

The actress has already had a big role in New York City politics, notably since 2014 when de Blasio positioned her on the advisory board for the Mayor’s Fund To Advance New York City. Earlier the same year, Christine Marinoni, Nixon’s wife, became the special adviser for community partnerships with the city’s Department of Education.

And Nixon’s representatives declined to comment on the reports to The Wall Street Journal, Entertainment Weekly, and The Hollywood Reporter.

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