CostaRica Rocks And Shakes!

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The contact with Mother Nature is something very deep that we are trying to experiment in this trip, but we are also realizing that nature is not always controllable.

After the permaculture course in Rancho Delicioso, we decided to stay a few nights in Montezuma to relax and keep surfing by the beach, but we end up having many exiting experiences, in fact Montezuma is full of life, from sunrise to sunset and even after! We met there a part of our cool permaculture crew so we hang out together!

We experience the strength of nature feeling the earthquakes on Sunday. It was really strong, physically but even more emotionally, we want to share with everybody our gratitude for being unhurt

We also realized the magic and vulnerability of life in the turtle sanctuary of Montezuma  a group of volunteers dig on the nests to help little baby turtles to come to life! most of them ready to reach the ocean and start their life adventure!
Only about 1 in 1,000 hatchlings will survive to adulthood, in natural conditions  but with the help of volunteers this number increase a lot!
We released hatchlings in front of the ocean , they were arriving into the shore and the waves took them into their natural environment, the open water! So exiting watching  at them ! They will remember the beach where they come from for their entire life, in fact the adult turtles will come back here to lay their egg one night!
Volunteers organize shift by nights on the beach to observe any tourtle coming from the water and dig her own nest.
We were so lucky to see also 2 adult turtles mating in the water!

We also felt the strength of the ocean all week long by surfing In the begin we couldn’t manage the water, the waves and the tide on the board, but once we got confidence we started to surf … So cool experience, we are actually pretty good, we will keep surfing all outer trip long.
In CostaRica there are many surf competition, and surfing is part of pura Vida style!

Surfing made us feeling connection with nature and  also made outdo ourselves! Once you learn to surf you understood you can overcome almost everything in life just following the flow, trusting yourself, as a famous surfer said:

“You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn how to surf them”
John Kabat-Zinn

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