Costa Rica Pura Vida!

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Here we are for a new stop of our journey: we landed in Costa Rica!
We couldn’t wait to arrive here for a whole month exploring from the inside the Pura Vida!
Pura Vida is not just a term, here it is used in everyday attitude to make people happy. “Pura Vida” means that people need to be grateful for the things they do have in life, instead of dwelling on the negative things that they don’t. Life is too short to be worried and upset, everyone needed to make the most of life!
We are in love with this philosophy, and even more with Costa Rica itself.

This Central American country is a tourist hot spot and I bet everybody knows why:
It has a unique wild nature preservation, nice people, warm weather, beautiful tropical beaches, esotic excursions, more over in the years it became famous to be very Ecofriendly and promotes sustainable living lifestyle.
Did you know Costa Rica doesn’t have neither an army? It is a safe and peaceful paradise on earth!

So we want to experiment how is living in this country working very close to the jungle and the wild: demonstrating ourself if we are ready for this change of life ! The rainy season is ending, we are staying few weeks in a special animal sanctuary, Planet Costarica !

Basically we are living in this Vegan And oil free farm for 2 weeks: there are other volunteers like us, we have to wake up all together at 5.45 am everyday and prepare food for all the farm animals: 8 dogs, 1 cat 3 chickens, 1 goat, 1 horse and a pig, all rescue creatures that are recovering! After a fruity breakfast we start the project for the day, usually gardening or maintenance of the farm.

Allan, the owner is a really nice person, he’s not always at the farm but you can feel his presence cause everything is made with love, there is a family atmosphere. In just 4 days we know everybody in the neighbor, the animals loves us and we are very close with the 3 others volunteers, Antonio is cooking for everybody and I’m giving yoga classes in the afternoon when we are free! Once again we are enjoying the day since sunrise, till late afternoon when it is dark, and we sleep around 8.00 pm like babies…. we are working but not having stress, whatever we do not finish can be done the day after, take a breath and….. PURA VIDA!

This mentality fits us for what we want to live know perfectly! For all the people that wants to try Costarica Wild Life only for a week or two, we recommend to use, it’s a website where you exchange work into social or nature fields in return for a room and a place to sleep.
I recommend to do at least one experience like this once in your life, in any country.

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Elena & Antonio

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