Communication Breakdown (at the first date)

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I remember my first date with my boyfriend, he arrived at my place at 7 and was outside of my house waiting for me, suddenly I came down the stairs, it was February so it was still a bit cold, I put on some Levi´s shorts – the kind that show some ass – black tights, a Selena Quintanilla belt, Doctor Martin black boots, a black fringed bag from H & M, my black leather jacket and finally the cool garment of my outfit a white t-shirt with the drawing of a naked man with wings (you are probably thinking about Icarus, the character of Greek mythology, but well his history is kind of tragic and reminds us that humans still can´t fly by themselves, so I’m not going to focus on talking about it, but no it was not an Icarus t-shirt) with the caption “LED ZEPPELIN” on the top and below the drawing “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 1977”, I was really proud of my outfit, because being honest it was the perfect blend of elements that made me look great. He turned to see me with a huge smile, and I felt that I had succeeded, and then the nerves of the first date disappeared a little.

We got on the car and he took his ipod out and scrolled up and down like looking for the perfect song for the moment, and I start to hear him humming “… talking bout love …” and suddenly with a look – like those that are telling you to follow them – he made me turn to see the stereo screen, he made a funny face of achievement difficult to forget. I did not quite understand what it was all about until I read “Trampled Underfoot – Led Zeppelin” on the screen, and I knew I was in trouble, not that I was in real danger, but I think we’ve all been in this sort of situations once.

My hands began to sweat, he changed from song to song like waiting for my lips to move, and I did know some songs of Led Zeppelin, and I did recognized some choirs but I was so nervous that in those moments I had two options, confess – which would destroy the image of the first smile I received the moment he saw me – or move my head and hands as if the song that sounded on the stereo was practically my hymn. I guess I chose option two, because like in a slow motion scene, his lips began to utter the words that I feared most “doooo yoooouuuu liiiiike Zeeeppeeeeliiiin?” (You should read this in Dory’s cetacean voice in finding Nemo)

It´s not that I don´t like Zeppelin, but let me explain myself , my boyfriend is a strange creature of these times, a true lover of music, not that I don´t like music, I loooove music, but his love reaches another level, he devotes hours of his day to discovered new music, he reads about music, it does not matter if he has to stop in the middle of the road to change the song until he finds the one that he likes, consumes music 24/7, so yes, I would be in trouble. I consider him a “cocky connoisseur”, but a nice and cool one, of those who even make you want to know more about something, he will choose the bar to go according to their musical criteria, hates regaetton, has huge jazz books , hundreds of vinyls, and a huge collection of compact discs, and no matter where in the world we are living, while I may be thinking of finding a house to live in, he may be looking for what speakers he must buy in order to appreciate the music correctly . I guess we all know someone like that .

So, there I was, wearing a T-shirt of what he considered a lifestyle, a mentality, an excellent musical taste (he truly loves Led Zeppelin), and I felt like a fraud. I repeat, I did know Led Zeppelin’s music, but it was probably not the reason I bought the shirt. For years, ALL stores have been selling t-shirts of bands, different genres, different concerts or albums, so yes, of course I bought several, not only you can put together a good outfit, but they give you a certain wave, but I imagine many have done this and it has absolutely nothing wrong.

Back to my date, the longest seconds of my life passed (it is a clear exaggeration), and I realized that I had not answered his question, I was nervous, I was hoping something creative would come to my mind that would let me escape the questionnaire that probably came together with that question. I replied hurriedly “I do not know much” and as a good “connoisseur”,  he asked me “so why do you wear a shirt of them?” I remember thinking “what an annoying dude, I have the freedom to wear whatever I want”, of course he was not attacking me in any way, I suppose it was a simple question that was formulated in his mind following the criteria of his wardrobe (all the t-shirts he had were from a band, whether he had bought them at a concert or had them bought according to the album or song he liked, so he definitely has tools to think that my criteria for buying clothes was like his).

In his defense he had a point there, I simply replied “I liked it, I bought it and I thought of a thousand ways to combine it”, I thought he would turn around and return me to my house (dramatic thoughts that come to my mind like a telenovela), obviously nothing happened, we arrived at our destination and I felt “out of danger”, we entered a bar in the center of the city where there was a jazz concert (I told you that he loved music), and the date came out very well. The next day I saw him at work (yes, we worked together, but that’s a story for another time) and the soundtrack all day was Led Zeppelin’s music, I knew he had done it as a prank or that he was trying to prove me a point, but I’ll never really know.

I really liked going out with him and I decided that this was never going to happen again so I committed to something, I was going to listen to Led Zeppelin’s music all that afternoon, and so I did, it was incredible, I discovered that I liked it more than I believed, and although I am of those women that I grew up loving pop music, I felt like I was trying something I genuinely liked.

So here is the final point of this message (besides wanting you to know me a little more), it’s okay to buy t-shirts from music groups (soccer teams, movies, etc …) but it’s important to understand that you decided to hang up a message and it would be good to know what it is about. We should honor the band by listening to some of their songs (you do not have to learn titles from memory in case you happen to find yourself in a situation like mine), that´s my point to make you an invitation, sometimes we do not have to go to music festivals or follow playlists to get to know new music, just take a look at your closet and you´ll find two or three music options to discover that day (stand up, pick a random group shirt an listen to one of their song as a soundtrack of this text, I choose “Blitzkrieg bop” from Ramones to honor my black and white t-shirt which I’m sure many have) and then yes, when someone asks you about your shirt you´ll know what to answer or probably it´s gonna be you who start humming.

P.S. I recently discovered that the alarm we wake up with every day is the first few seconds of that same song “Trampled underfoot” by Led Zeppelin.

Ahí nos vemos,


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