Cologne: Not Just Another Scent

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The suit is perfectly tailored. The shirt and tie combination impeccably chosen. Shoes, belt, and probably watch expertly picked. You’re done, right? Wrong. Crafting a good fashion sense focuses on the details and the last one missing above is your scent. Ladies know this. Guys, forget about the antiquated idea that scent does not matter or even worse…that you covered this area with your choice of body wash, deodorant, or shampoo. Far from it. Using cologne is a must. When attending an important meeting or going to a five star restaurant for a date, your scent closes out the image. Obviously, you cannot overdo it and, more importantly, it cannot be an out-of-place, peculiar scent. The cologne you choose must create an impact that clearly establishes your class. Choices abound but let’s focus on three that will perfectly close out any fashionable outfit—from suits to a coat and jean pairing.

1) Tom Ford Extreme

tom ford extreme cologne

Want ultimate class? Want the true definition of a formal, masculine scent? Then Tom Ford Extreme is your go-to pick. A cologne of woodsy elegance, Extreme carries notes of black figs and dark spices that does not fade during the day. More importantly, the scent is strong without being overpowering. Rich, smooth, ultra clean, Extreme certainly ascends among the paradigm of high-end colognes.

2) Dior Sauvage

cologne dior sauvage

Looking to mix class with a certain flare of adventure? Dior Sauvage should be your choice. With exceptional Bergamot notes and an amberwood base, Sauvage not only lingers, it stays. Dior took its time to launch another cologne but worked effectively to create a scent that works well from the boardroom to the bar.

3) Bvlgari BLV

cologne bvlgari blv

If the two choices cited above are too intense or woodsy for you, then Bvlgari BLV becomes the perfect blend. At first, BLV seems as yet another oceany choice that either fails at having a distinctive scent or dissipates as quickly as you put it on. Not so. BLV tackles the fresh offering with a hard note base of gingko leaves and tobacco flower rounded out with cardamom and sandalwood. Again, these are not your typical scents for a blue cologne line but the mix is impeccably done, one with a flexible use for any occasion that lasts throughout the day.

Great colognes become an extension of the outfit. Choose wisely and the impact your image will create goes beyond a visual one.

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