Christmas Gifts to Surprise Your Best Friend With for 2017

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Best friends are there for you through thick and thin, so why not show that you appreciate them with a brilliant Christmas gift? If you know exactly what your bestie is into, then you’ve got somewhere to start; they may be a huge Harry Potter fan, obsessed with makeup or always playing Ed Sheeran’s album. If, however, you’re stuck then we have some suggestions in order to show your mate how you really feel.

Personalized Gifts

One of the most heartfelt ways to show you care is to go to the effort to personalize something. There are a lot of websites out there that print out photos, frame them and ship them to your door – a brilliant way to capture memories.

The possibilities don’t stop at photos, however. Personalized books, candles, makeup bags, t-shirts and wine glasses are all available from popular online vendors. The great thing is, you can guarantee no one else got your friend the same thing!


If you’re looking for something a little more traditional, then why not try:

  • matching rings
  • necklaces
  • bracelets.

Nowadays you can grab necklaces that split three ways if you have more than one special friend. If jewelery isn’t your thing, there’s also an option for badges and brooches so that you’re always together.

Social Gifts

Sometimes it’s more fun to gift a present you can enjoy together rather than something that’s going to be worn or hung up on the wall. If you enjoy a drink, how about a mixology class together or a day out being pampered at a spa? There are plenty of vouchers and gift cards sold by a lot of businesses in order for you to go out and do something fun with their loved ones.

Other Ideas

Subscriptions are a good idea, depending on what the present is they aren’t too pricey either and are a gift every month to your best pal. Good subscription suggestions are a collection of beers each month, exotic ingredients or their favorite magazine.

Regardless what makes your best friend smile, get out there and get shopping!

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