Chile Part 2

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We arrived in the Capital for a few days and it surprised us a lot: everything is very order and less chaotic compared to Lima and La Paz, it is kind of european city, less “Latin“.
We were happy to discover that it is mostly flat, and in the center there are may pedestrian nice street with restaurants and parks.

2 chile part 2The first day we walked on the top of cerro San Cristobal to watch the sunset. it was a beautiful hike on the top there is a white statue of the Virgin Mary and we also had a view of the whole city that extend in all direction. On West we saw the sunset and on east the moon rising, and it was a full moon! We were amused!

6 chile part 2The second day we walked in the center discovering the many parks and the beautiful library, there are many university, Plaza de Armas, the government palace. The architecture reminds us a lot Milan, for the palace and the green. We were at hostel knutsen, it was really nice.

4 chile part 2By night we went to Borago’, a Chilean restaurant that is on the 50 best restaurant in the world. It was really an experience, the staff made us feel so welcome, they customized the tasting menu for us, we had a table next to the terrace, and the chef that took care of our dinner was an Italian chef, and that turned the experience even better!
We had the dinner with pairing of Chilean wine that are delicious!
Every course was a combination of a drink and a meal with new flavors, colors, texture and combinations that seems to make us travel all over Chile!
The desserts were simply amazing, one was a rose ice cream…… unforgettable! We had actually an extra desserts because it was Elena’s birthday so the restaurant give us a little extra cake to celebrate white a candle!

1 chile part 2The souschef Matteo brought us in the kitchen and in the tasting kitchen where we had an idea of how the team and the creations take life. There is also a sort of fermentation lab, where all the different mushrooms and yeast process in veggies, legumes and breads…… a paradise for a chef!

7 chile part 2The last day in Santiago we visited Cerro Santa Lucia, the hearth of the City, the artisanal market and we went to visit Pablo Neruda House.
Just some time to chill in a park because we have an other plane to catch…..
we are sorry we didn’t visit south of Chile, but it we be for our next trip in South America. It is time for us to change continent…..

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