Chile Part 1

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Crossing the border from Bolivia to Chile we crossed Vulcans, and change driver. We left our Jeep for a brand new Mercedes mini bus, the streets are all paved and we easily get to San Pedro de Atacama. It is very “touristic” but we loved the atmosphere : it seems a very nice beach place? Because it is hot and sunny ( finally some real hot weather), but we are in the middle of the desert!

There are many young people and so many tour to get experience of the area, hot spring, bike rides, monumental deserts, geisers, vulcans…… we chose  to spend a day by bike in the moon valley, a very particular landscape, a desert with rocks cover of salt, that used to be a mine, and also there are some sand dunes that give to this place a moon y environment……

Another special tour was the Astronomic tour that we had by night. We went in the middle of the desert where no artificial lights disturb the night sky and we were able to see the Milky Way, nebuloses, planets….. an astronomer guide point the telescope and explain us a bit of the sky! It really was amazing!


Chile is so long…… so the best way to move was an airplane and in a few hours we went from north to center, this time finally to the coast : we worked 1 week in Valparaiso, a city in the coast 2 hours from Santiago.

It is beautiful place, before the Panama Cannel was open in 1914, Valparaiso was the most important port of all South America, all goods, import and export were passing trough here, and there are still all kind of European influences! Some houses are so “colonial style”, and there is a beautiful beach called Viña Del Mar, that is amazing!

Chile is the less “Latin country” we visited til now, in some way it’s very European! We worked in a family B&B, it was a very nice experience Nicolas and Rosio are beautiful hosts, and all the guests of the B&B were so nice! One day we made home made bread, it was very fun!

We recommend “el Rivendel” if you go to visit Valparaiso! There is a beautiful terrace we’re you can see the Pacific Ocean! In Chile now is summer so everybody goes to the beach, schools are closed, it was very nice to have a “vacation” mood

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