Call Me by Your Name: A Movie That Will Break And Mend Your Heart

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With the world of Netflix barging in and the price of cinema tickets getting higher every month, it is not surprising that going to the movies is not as common as it once was. Nonetheless, it might be an unpopular opinion, but I love going to the movies. And if I have to be completely honest with you, I think movies are underrated for no particular reason.

This is why this week I decided to talk about a movie that really moved me: Call Me by Your Name.

“Call Me by Your Name” is a movie that just premiered in New York on the 17th of November and it is about to come out in the United States on the 24th. It has been protagonist of many discussions and critiques in the past few months from the moment it was introduced at Sundance Film Festival in January and later in the United Kingdom where I had the pleasure to watch it before its American debut.

The story takes place in Northern Italy, where Elio, a know-it-all young boy gets introduced to the American scholar Oliver by his father who, as he does every summer, is hosting a student to help him with his academic paperwork. From the first moment they meet, the young boy and the American student develop a particular bond that it’s going to get more intense day by day and unravels feelings that the two have for each other.

If you’re looking for an intense, heart-breaking and meaningful love story to cry on, Elio and Oliver’s is definitely what you’re looking for. Despite the age difference, their homosexuality’s discovery set in the 80s and the exploration of Elio’s sexual endeavour through rough and honest scenes, the movie is one of the best romances I have ever had the pleasure to watch.

Timothée Chalamet and Armie Hammer have absolutely outdone themselves. Their chemistry definitely shows on screen and they make the movie the beautiful masterpiece that it is. Guadagnino’s direction gives the movie the Italian, sensual, warm and honest characteristic to it, that were meant to be highlighted from the novel is based on.

If you’ve ever been in love, I’m sure this story will touch your heart. If you’ve ever gone through anything that comes with adolescence and sexuality, being a teen and feeling out of place, falling in love with the wrong person or falling in love for the first time… I’m sure this story will make you feel something.

When I watch a movie, I’m not a fan of love stories that are too cheesy, fake and that seem too unrealistic set in the complicated world we live in. This is why, “Call Me by Your Name” stands out for me from most of the movies I’ve ever watched. It is a love story, as simple as it may sound, but it’s true, honest and, as any true love story, it will both break and mend your heart.

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