Budget Shopping at Holiday Time

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We’ve all been there!  It’s holiday time and you don’t have enough money to buy gifts, or at least, the kind of gifts you would like to give.  Sure, would it be nice to be able to buy your parents a new microwave, or your special someone a fabulous piece of jewelry?  But on those times when you don’t have the cash flow to make it happen, you need to be creative!

Gift-giving isn’t about how much money you’ve spent, it is also about the thought behind it (remember the line, it’s the thought that counts)…here I give you some creative, budget-friendly gifts:

Have that person in your life who loves sushi?  How about a pair of chopsticks?  I’ve seen them for as little as $6.00 for five pairs!

Just about everyone loves going to the movies!  And we all know how expensive it can be!  How about a pair of tickets to your local movie theater?  And if that is too much money for your budget, get them tickets to a matinee.

I can’t think of one woman I know that doesn’t love getting her nails done, so consider getting any ladies on your list a gift certificate for a manicure/pedicure at her favorite salon.  And if both are too much, just get a manicure certificate, trust me, she’ll love it!

Do you have a golfer on your list?  What about a set of golf balls?  Or a golf club?  Depending on your budget, you can also buy your person some time hitting the balls (not every golf course offers this, so check).

Man or woman, everyone enjoys a bar of nice bar of soap.  Again, depending on your budget, if you are really tight for money, you can go to the Dollar Store and get a few bars for a dollar each (I know my Dollar Store has them, can’t vouch for every store).  And if your budget allows, you can go to one of those discount retailers such as T.J. Maxx and get them for $3.99 (and make sure you check the clearance tables, you can sometimes get them even for less).  Collect a few and make a nice gift bag?  Hint, go to your local Dollar Store and buy your wrapping paper, tissue paper and gift bags, I have yet to find anywhere that offers them for less.

Whatever your budget, there is a thoughtful gift you can find.

Creative thinking + enthusiasm = Fabulous Gifts!

Happy Holidays <3

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