Top 5 Branding Trends in October

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From Graffiti-Inspired Beer Labels to Nitrogen-Infused Canned Teas, we at Americanoize selected the top 5 trends that brand launched on the market this month. Check them out.

5. 2Kids Brewing Co. and Chargefield Created Street Art Beer Packaging

2Kids Brewing Co., a graffiti-themed nanobrewery in San Diego is serving extremely small batch tasty and unusual ales. The brewery needed a series of brand new labels that could be written on, displaying the beer name and alcohol content and for this reason they created 4 coloured labels in the vein of the 228 label, implementing natural areas to scrawl beer names and alcohol content, along with a hop/spray paint can indicia to replace USPS’ international express priority graphic!

4. The ONE Pumpkin Pie Bar Contains Just One Gram of Sugar

Athletic people who are fans of pumpkin pie and spice will love this ONE Pumpkin Pie Bar. This bar is has 20 grams of protein and just one gram of sugar (wow!), which makes it a guilt-free way to fuel up without sacrificing on taste.

3. Limited-Edition Cherry Beers

A lot of studies are reporting that millennials are not interested in regular beers anymore and for this reason the market is shifting to new flavours and different varieties. The Redd’s Black Cherry Ale is part of the brands Limited Pick series and is set to be made available immediately until the beginning of 2018. It is a Fresh, Fruity and Fragrant beer that makes it suitable for those who are looking for an alternative to old style beers.

2. Bike-Friendly Beer Packaging

Vals Nat’s solution for carrying beer is here! The Dutch beer company launched a four-pack that can be neatly fitted on a bike. The designed beer package is smart: is meant to be situated on the middle rod of the bike, so that the bottles may be securely held in place, without requiring additional support from a rider. Not bad, uh!

1. In-House Nail Polish Brands

Target’s Defy & Inspire Nail Polish Line featured a wide range of shades to choose from and fun names inspired by reality TV and this was a big hit among millennial costumers. This means that who loves ‘Toddlers and Tiaras’ can sport a nude pink manicure while fans of ‘Laguna Beach’ can pick up a bottle of pale periwinkle polish.

The line includes 38 shades, a a clear base and a topcoat.

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