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Have you always enjoyed writing and are you considering finally marketing an e-book to the general public? Perhaps you have already completed the text and it has failed to appeal to the intended audience. Before you begin to question your own talents and abilities, it is important to take a step back and determine whether or not your promotions have been sufficient up until this point. Have you done all that is possible or are there some options which remain open? The chances are high that additional possibilities await if you can think outside of the digital “box”. One useful method to consider is known as influencer marketing. What is influencer marketing and how can it be used to increase the appeal of your e-book? If you hope to be rewarded for your hard work and dedication, this article should prove to be very interesting.

The Power of the Spoken Word 

Think about how statements from well-known figures can be used as endorsements when promoting a product or a service. Common examples include Nick Offerman during the “My Tales of Whisky” campaign and Danielle Bernstein when advertising for Fiji Water. The main takeaway point is that these “influencers” can be used as credible sources in order to reinforce the veracity of a product. Television commercials have been using this method for decades although it was not until relevantly recently that the term “influencer marketing” came into use. You might be surprised to learn that 51 per cent of all marketing professionals now believe that this strategy is actually more effective than traditional digital campaigns (1). Why is this the case? Some of the main advantages of influencer marketing include:

Such campaigns can build trust quickly.
The help to establish the quality associated with a product.
A truly massive audience can be reached.
Influencer marketing can be used alongside existing strategies.
In terms of promoting an e-book or even an online blog, the chances of employing the talents of a well-known international star of the silver screen are not very high. However, there are numerous other options at your disposal. Let’s now take a look at how you can use influencer marketing to promote a wide variety of books.

Respect, Authority and Transparency 

There are several qualities which define an individual (or organization) associated with a great deal of digital “clout”:
The influencer possesses an impressive number of followers.
They are considered to be an industry professional or expert.
They are actively involved with online promotions and are willing to help others.
They are not associated with a great deal of negativity or “bad press”.
In the case of e-books, take a look at industry-specific websites and social media pages. Find those individuals or entities that are associated with the largest number of followers. The chances are high that top-tier influencers boast millions of fans. It is wise at to start at the top and work your way down and yet, let’s examine some other tips which will come in handy.
It is critical that you have a clear goal from the very beginning. What do you hope to accomplish when promoting your e-book? Do you want more exposure, do you need to increase sales or do you desire to build awareness of your author persona? If you do not have concise answers to these questions, any subsequent strategies will lack focus and vision.

Secondly, begin with a single platform.

Many writers tend to “bite off more than they can chew” in relation to marketing their work.

Choose a social media platform that you are already familiar with. You can always expand your efforts in the future once you have gained a solid base.

Do not make the mistake of counting the number of followers alone. In this case, it is much more important to determine how your existing fans are being proactively engaged and to analyze any feedback that they may be providing. Let’s not forget that authors can have a vast number of followers and relatively few sales.

Finally, remember to be nice. Influencers are approached by thousands of potential clients on a regular basis and some of these interactions are less than personable. Never forget that you are paying for their time and expertise. If you are cordial from the very beginning, it is much more likely that they will be interested in what you have to say.

Influencer marketing is an excellent way to place your e-book on a respectable digital pedestal. However, the finer points of this process need to be understood if you hope to make the most out of what is being offered. With a bit of patience and by establishing worthwhile connections, success could be just around the corner.

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