Your Body and Your Mind, Is There an Holistic Connection Between?

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We often underestimate the intricate bond between our physical and emotional self, both of which exist as a single entity, and are so deeply intertwined that it’s incredible how little of it we really understand. With the rise of the health and fitness revolution, we have only scratched the surface of, for example, just how deeply our eating habits affect some of our most basic emotional reactions, or how your choice of words can ultimately change your mind and your actions.

Neglecting this connection can only leave some of our most profound needs unfulfilled, hence the growing desire to tap into this complex interdependence of our body and mind. By learning about all the relevant pieces that make up our identity, we can continue to refine our choices for a healthier life that aims to unify all of our needs.

The Power of Breath

The idea of holistic living is based on the premise of achieving balance. This somewhat elusive term is widely used to describe both emotional and physical states, and yet, we still have so much to learn as to the best ways to achieve it. However, certain simple, but healthful habits such as meditation have emerged as the most reliable methods of self-healing. Breathing is a natural reaction that’s on autopilot all the time, but when you introduce awareness, it becomes a healing tool for your mind as well as your body. Meditation, as well as breathing exercises, have the ability to soothe your body, relax your muscles, and quiet your mind, all of which is essential to being at peace. This simple, but challenging practice can rewire your brain to become more resilient to stress, thus triggering a wide range of physiological reactions in your body that will help you cope with negative events in your life – and we all know by now how damaging stress can be both for our physical and mental well-being.

Happiness through motion

The modern life has evolved in such a direction that most people opt to exercise predominantly for the sake of their physical appearance. However, what may start out as an aesthetic concern, this habit of regular physical activity has a multitude of benefits for your overall existence. Activity is a known happy hormone-booster, which means that your brain has the perfect ammo to ward off depression and anxiety. Add to that the ability of exercise to prevent cognitive decline that naturally comes with age, as well as a slew of muscular and skeletal issues, you begin to uncover that even walking and jogging can have a whole rainbow of benefits for your entire life.

Food for thought

Some of the most recent research indicates a powerful connection between our gut health and our mental health, as well as our risk of developing depression and anxiety. While this seems to be only the tip of the iceberg, we already know that what, how, and when we eat indeed does impact our productivity, immune system, as well as our mood.

It has become a common practice of healthy living to detox from fast and processed food by refining our menus with the help of various ingredients. As we learn more about different foods, we understand their connection to our overall well-being. Even supplements rich with curcumin or superfoods such as spirulina have emerged as potent additions to our menu in order to treat a wide range of conditions and enrich our diet. These little powerhouses of vitamins and minerals are proof how a little can go a long way in improving your life.

Detoxing your language

In addition to choosing healthier foods that help your body naturally flush out all the harmful elements and pollutants, another form of detoxing has become important in the aim to achieve harmony. From ending relationships that are based on unhealthy emotions, all the way to altering our mindset with the help of language, you can change your self-perception and ultimately your choices by actively choosing positive over negative.

It’s not always easy to cut ties with people who don’t provide emotional support or help us grow, but by reducing the time we spend in toxic situations, we can actively choose different language structures that define us. When you actually focus on eliciting gratitude from yourself and build positive images in your mind, you start realizing the actual worth of your life and you’ll in time be much more inclined to make smarter choices that help preserve that positive self-image. In real life, that translates to situations such as no more binge eating to cope with stress or smoking to relax.

The importance of rest

When we deprive our body of sleep, we experience a surge in stress hormones, which in turn increase our desire to eat sugary foods that will make up for the lack of energy caused by exhaustion. It’s a vicious cycle that is extremely difficult to end if you don’t uncover its very source – lack of sleep. Grant your body enough time to rest and recuperate, and you will have the foundation for clear thinking, decision-making based not on impulse needs but long-term well-being, and you’ll allow your body to properly detox from the stressful events of the previous day.

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