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Let’s start by introducing to you what my work was before starting this adventure. I have been working for several years for a television night show where I was at first a fairytale princess and then I turned into a college girl.  I also hosted a fashion format on Sky.

When I turned 30 and I wanted to give a burst to my life my partner said: “will you give me a child?”. Done it!
The best pregnancy I could never imagine, so powerful! Nina was born!
My life stopped: now I feel more mature, I need more, don’t care about tv,  and, believe me, I do not have time for this between a breastfeed and changing nappies, sleepless nights walking around the house: no time even for a shower!

As hyperactive as I am tough, I didn’t want to loose myself, so I created a blog, where I express myself regarding getting  back in shape after pregnancy, breastfeeding , sports, pushchair, mummy and daughter’s look: a lot of mums (and mums to be) started to follow me and asked so many questions, probably looking to me as a sweet mother that doesn’t loose her femininity and glamour while still taking care of her child 24/7.

My blog became soon one of the best known in Italy as fashion mum blogger, something new in this Country that believes that once you became a mother you loose your sexy and feminine side and that your life with the partner is put aside.

In few years I started collaborations with several kids brands: clothes, prams, mum and kid beauty products.
At the moment I have more than 170.000 followers, my baby has grown and she did her first catwalk with me: I managed to turn a difficult time where I couldn’t work because of this (for sure important) reason into something beautiful.

Thanks to the followers of my blog I saw my dreams came true.

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