We selected the best 7 Instagram Accounts you should follow in 2018:


Loq is a really great shoe brand, but just as soon as you take a look at their Instagram feed then you will see that it’s so much more. There are a lot of stunning shoes, you’ll see wonderfully styled ankle boots that are buttery leather, ankle-tied sandals, mules that have been seriously understated, and more. You will also notice just how delightful and comforting it is to scroll through. They use incredible colors that seem understated but take the shoes to the next level.


Coco Pink Princess:

You don’t expect that a 7 year old would be worthy of making the list, but this isn’t your ordinary 7 year old. Coco Pink Princess is from the Harajuku district in Tokyo and has been dawned as the Wonderkid. She has a magnificent wardrobe of Fendi shoes, Gucci T-shirts and Chanel handbags. She has just about half a million followers, and there’s no question as to why. If you want tips on your style, she’s who you want to follow.

Lixir Skin:

Lixir by Colette Haydon is an amazing beauty brand that has so many followers it could be placed along the lines of The Ordinary and maybe even Glossier. From the really pleasing packaging that reminds you of the eye-catching color of the inside of a conch shell, it’s designed to for the busy woman and her skincare regime. It is growing and you don’t wan’t to be one of the last to follow.

Sarah Mower:

When you are looking at the fashion industry, you definitely want to check Sarah Mower out. Not only is she the fashion critic for American Vogue, but she’s a fashion beast in Britain. On her Instagram feed you will see a variety of in the moment snaps from high quality events that she goes to in the industry. You’ll also see different thoughts that she has for magazine shoots, different campaigns and so much more. If you need a pick up in the history of fashion, you definitely need to follow her.


A newcomer to the Instagram scene, Nanushka has designs that have been worn by some well-known heavy hitters. Some happen to include Courtney Trop, Camille Charriere, Eva Chen and Monica Ainley. If you are looking for ways to really master that thrown together look and seem like you have done so with no effort, then you should be following Nanushka for sure.

Naomi Shimada:

She is a well-known Dutch-American-British model that has been known to be outspoken and open about the issues she’s had in the model industry because she’s a plus-size model. On her Instagram feed you’ll find a lot of celebration that shows style in a colorful manner that is like no other.

Cameron Russell:

This feed is one of a 30 year old model that has used her feed to take on a role of somewhat of a whistleblower for the modeling industry (unofficially of course). She puts an amazing shining light on what can be seen as an undisturbed side of modeling. She shares stories from other models that has suffered from all sorts of intimidation on set as well as sexual harassment. It may seem like it’s a rough read, but it’s necessary and you should see for yourself.

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