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Every once in awhile, someone does something that hurts. Whether it may be a friend who betrayed you or a boyfriend who cheated, it’s something that stops you in your tracks and makes you want to run for cover and hide. It’s something that cripples you and disrupts you from your daily life.

In those moments, we have two options. The first, to give in, to call them out on what they did. This is basically stooping to their level. The second, take the high road, keep calm and pretend that nothing is bothering you. Sure, you may be hurting, but those who do so use more constructive energies as a method to get through, other than revenge.

I always try to take the second. Sure, it is easy and maybe even satisfying to say your peace and play the victim. However, I ask what do you gain from it? It only brings you down, and questions your morality.

Whenever I am dealt with a terrible hand of cards, I try to sort them out. I leave them offline, and try to just get through it. Easier said than done, but doing so has helped make me a stronger person.

For example, when I went through a breakup, instead of tweeting about it or bashing my ex, I simply confided in my therapist and my two best friends. Sure, he did me wrong and I could have easily pointed that out on social media. But, that would have made me just as awful and vindictive as he was. Furthermore, as I drifted apart from several of my friends, I didn’t turn to Twitter to bash them. That just creates further drama. I just shrugged it off and vented my feelings to my journal.

With that being said, whenever I do have those situations, I always try to focus on what I can do better — whether that may be focusing on my blog or trying to make other changes that improve my life. And, when I did post, it would be about what I’m doing with my friends or the new opportunity I was able to receive. Revenge is the best medicine, after all — and not going to lie, showing someone that you are doing just fine without them is a pretty awesome feeling.

Furthermore, whenever I see someone try to defend themselves or create further drama, I constantly ask myself the point and judge them. After all, what is the point? I personally think that when we tweet, we often don’t consider the implications or the hurt feelings that can erupt. There are so many things in life that we can focus on, therefore why are we starting drama with someone — or continuing it?

That’s something I would like to know.

Therefore, I encourage you to take the advice from one of my favorite singers, JoJo: “I’m gonna keep walking though it may seem far/I’m gonna keep preaching when life gets too hard/not gonna let you bring me down, I’ll take the high road.”

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