The Best Holiday Movies to Watch This Season

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When you’ve finished decking the halls, baking treats, and shopping til you drop, it’s time to relax and enjoy a movie. For a night in by the fire, start some popcorn and grab your favorite elves to watch one of these holiday classics. Grab a mug of hot chocolate or glass of wine and enjoy!

Home Alone

Everyone has dreamed of having their family disappear when they were a kid right? That wish comes true for Kevin Mcallister, who has the chance to do whatever he wants, Home Alone. When Kevin is forgotten in the bustle of a Christmas family trip to Paris, he unwittingly becomes responsible for protecting his home from a pair of bumbling burglarers. Laugh along with Kevin’s ingenuity as he learns about love, family, and home defense.

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

Starring Chevy Chase as the hapless Clark Griswold in the third edition of his National Lampoon’s Vacation movies, Christmas Vacation shows Clark staying home for the holidays, creating a perfect family Christmas. With a home full of relatives, frustrations with home décor gone awry, and the quest for his promised Christmas bonus, the Perfect Family Christmas isn’t exactly perfect, but it is funny and highly quotable.


Buddy the Elf, an orphaned human baby, has been raised at the North Pole along with Santa’s Elves. As Christmas’s biggest cheerleader, Buddy loves his life with the Elves, but he just isn’t very good at elf-ing. As Buddy grows, he becomes unable to continue his life at the north pole, and so travels to New York to find his “real”, human father. Living in busy, impersonal New York is difficult for the exuberant Buddy. He does find his human father, and is able to teach the grumpy man about love, family and the joy of Christmas.

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