The 6 Best Christmas Movies To Binge-Watch on Netflix This December

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If there is something everyone loves about Christmas is the holidays and the spare time that comes with it. I am certainly not the only one who’s looking forward to the entire afternoons that I’m going to spend with a hot chocolate in one hand and the tv remote in the other.
This is why I tried to put together just some of the Holiday movies that Netflix kindly offers to anyone who’s interested in spending a lazy day next to a fireplace and with a Christmas song coming out loud from the speakers.

1.       A Christmas Prince

If you haven’t heard about this Netflix original movie yet, you’re definitely missing out. It has been what most magazines have been talking about in the last few weeks and it seems like Netflix did a great job with it, as always. So I definitely think that if you’re in need of a romantic comedy to sparkle your Christmas, this movie should be your go-to.

2.       Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas

In the world of Christmas movies, this is probably one of the most over-watched but still good films of all time. My Christmas couldn’t be considered as good if I couldn’t find time to watch the Grinch and its adventure every December. So, if you need anything to put you in the mood for Santa Claus coming to town this is probably the best suit for you.

3.       Disney’s The Santa Clause

If you’re in need of a funny family movie, this will be perfect to suit your needs. In fact, Disney’s The Santa Clause’s, which will be available on Netflix from the 12th of December, is just as amazing as any another Disney classic. The idea of a man killing Santa Claus by mistake and having to replace him is just the beginning of an unusual misadventure that will give you the chance to spend a wonderful day in. And if you’re up for a marathon? You can watch on Netflix the two sequels too!

4.       Get Santa

If you like action movies and you would like to see Santa as a fugitive that after crashing its sleigh is forced to get away from the police, just stop reading this article and go watch this movie asap. The funny but still heart-warming plot of this film will make you cry with laughter and I think there’s no Christmas story that can be even comparable to what Get Santa is all about.

5.       A Christmas Horror Story

If you want to get in the mood for holiday season, but can’t help missing Halloween, this movie is just ideal for you. If you’re a fan of horror movies and want to discover Santa as the opposite of the character is usually portrayed, you’re going to love A Christmas Horror Story. What’s wrong with making your Christmas a little bit scary this year around?

6.       Love Actually

Last but not least, Netflix has finally launched in the UK my favorite Christmas movie. American Netflix had the chance to have it all year around so if you haven’t watched Love Actually yet, you’re missing out. Start your tv, your laptop, your iPad or whatever device you use to watch Netflix with and don’t wait a minute more. With the most amazing soundtrack, the most talented actors and the most romantic love stories, Love Actually is definitely one of the greatest holiday movies around.

Now all you need is a cup of hot chocolate and a couch to lay on so that you can enjoy a cozy night in with your loved ones during the Christmas holidays. Merry Christmas!

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