How to Become a Fashion Designer

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Fashion design is a glamorous career that attracts many people. However, only the very best survive in this competitive industry. Becoming a fashion designer takes a lot of dedication and hard work. It also requires you to be creative and have access to the necessary resources that you require to design your creations. The question on most people’s mind is how does one become a fashion designer?

Here are the basics that you should know if you want to get into the fashion design industry.

The first thing is that you should have an interest in joining the fashion industry and have innate skills that are necessary for making it in this industry. This means you should be artistic or creative for example in the way you dress, have an ear for music or love art. You should also enjoy drawing and be good at it. You should develop a concept and transfer it from your head to paper with ease. In these classes, you will have a lot of practice drawing dresses, trousers, gowns etc. You should also have a deep understanding of texture, color and fabric and have an eye for details. Learn how to sew different fabrics, how to make storyboards and product ranges, characteristics of fabrics, other designers and how they design their creations.

The second thing you should do is to enrol for a diploma or degree in fashion design with a recognized institution. Take a fashion design course to learn the requisite fashion design skills such as drawing, pattern-making, color and composition among others. Other courses that you might study are a Bachelor’s in Visual Arts, Bachelors in Art History, and Bachelors in Graphic Design. Alternatively, you can look for a ‘low-level’ job at a fashion house such as that of a seamstress and learn how to design gradually.

The third step you need to take is deciding which niche of fashion design you want to specialize in. Fashion design is broad, and it encompasses different types of clothing such as casual, knitwear, men’s clothes, women’s clothes, costumes, outdoor wear, kid’s clothes, bridal wear, sportswear, and accessories. Most successful designers focus on one particular category of clothes. Like in any other business, specialization is bound to yield better results than the alternative which is doing everything together. Choosing one area to concentrate on will enable you to give it razor sharp focus and maximize the chances of coming up with the best designs possible. You can look to competitors’ designs for inspirations for your designs and ask your target customers what they want so that you don’t end up creating designs that will not get even a single buyer in the market. It is important that you remember to create a portfolio of your work which will come in handy when you are looking for jobs in future.

The fourth step will be to position yourself for success by learning about the business part of fashion design. This entails learning everything from marketing to market analysis, competitor analysis, trade fairs and negotiating skills among others. You should then look for a job. When job hunting, you may consider moving to cities which are known as fashion hubs including New York, Rome, London, Paris, Berlin, Los Angeles and Mumbai among others. If you don’t want to look for a job, you can become a business owner and start your own fashion design house as a sole proprietor, incorporated company or partnership.

Once you get into the fashion industry, you should always be realistic and market your products to the right market, e.g. avoid marketing high-end evening wear designs to people who are only interested in buying work clothes and vice versa. Also, you should be alive to the fact that it might take you time to become famous in the fashion industry.

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