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There’s nothing like a good beauty and makeup haul is there? I love roaming the different makeup and department stores looking for new and exciting products and trends! Even now, I get super excited at opening all my purchases when I arrive home!

One of my recent beauty hauls was a complete mixed bag with items from different areas of the beauty industry. So, I thought I would share my thoughts on the purchases and give you some ideas on what to try, especially with the busy Christmas period looming!

My Beauty Purchases: An Overview

In the first photo are:

1.      Urban Decay’s Nocturnal Vice Lipstick in Nonsense

2.      Loreal’s Perfect Slim Superliner in Brown

3.      Miss Sporty’s Studio Lash Eye Liner in Dark Chocolate

4.      Kiss Lash Couture Lashes in Little Black Dress

5.      Zoeva’s Eyeshadow Fix in Pearl

6.      Zoeva’s Wing Liner 317 Brush

7.      Kiss Salon Acrylic French Press on Nails

8.      Eyelure Definition Eyelashes in No. 126

In the second photo are:

1.      Urban Decay’s Nocturnal Shadow Box

2.   Zoeva’s Matte Spectrum Palette

3.   Makeup Revolution’s Flawless 3 Resurrection Palette

The Mixed Beauty Products

If you’re anything like me, you will love getting different beauty items to test out. On this day, there were some great offers on everything, so I picked up a plethora of products!

1 The Urban Decay Lipstick

This is a lovely matte pink-plum shade which is very pigmented and reasonably moisturising. It has good staying power and will work well on most medium to darker skin tones. Definitely a great Autumn colour!

2 The L’Oréal Eyeliner

This is one of my favourite eyeliners! It is a deep brown, easy to apply and smudge proof. The felt tip point is firm but offers some flexibility to ensure it can move smoothly over the eyelid. I have the same eyeliner in black and both create beautiful sharp lines and cat eye wings!

3 The Miss Sporty Eyeliner

Prior to this I had never bought any Miss Sporty products. However, I wanted a couple of decent brown liquid eyeliners so I decided to try this one. It is pretty easy to use even with a slightly longer and more bendy felt tip. The brown colour is slightly lighter than the L’Oréal liner, as you can see in the swatch. However, it is more like a liquid pot liner so when using it the liquid can bleed a little! I find when I use this one I do end up with a thicker line than when I use the L’Oréal liner simply because I need to apply more to ensure a sharp line. That being said, once applied it stays put and is perfect for a more natural look.

4 The Kiss Lash Couture Lashes

There are lovely soft faux mink full band lashes, designed for everyday use. They are designed to provide weightless volume and curl whilst also giving the eyes a natural smoky effect. They can be used at least 10 times and are very easy to apply. I am a huge false lash fan and love Kiss products so had to get these and so far, I love them!

5 Zoeva’s Eyeshadow Pearl Primer

This primer is excellent! I chose it because I love pearl finishes and wanted a different kind of eye-shadow primer that would enhance my eye makeup as well as preserve it. It comes in a small tube but a little goes a long way! The texture is that of a creamy gel and it smoothes and set onto the eyelids quickly and easily. Every time I use it my eye-makeup lasts without moving or bleeding for hours!

6 Zoeva’s Wing Liner Brush

As soon as I saw this brush I knew I had to have it! I love creating flicks and wings in my eye looks and if you’ve tried to create them you will know it takes a lot of practice to get them perfect every time. This brush is designed to make the job easier by having a flexible, steeply angled brush head which moves across the eyelid without pulling or dragging and forms a naturally smooth wing. Of course, you still need a steady hand and some practice to get the movement just right but having tested this brush with a gel and liquid liner, it definitely helps to create the right shape and a smooth line.

7 Kiss Acrylic French Nails

Ever since my twenties, I have loved false acrylic nails. I used to have my nails professionally done at beauty salon religiously until it became too expensive a habit. When I stopped this treat I started looking at more costs effective options to achieve the same beautiful result without damaging my nails as well. That’s when I came across Kiss Nails and since then I’ve never looked back! They are the best imitation acrylic press on nails I have ever used. They are thick, long last, chip resistant and retain a long-lasting shine days after application! They can be applied with glue or stickers – the former will last up to 2 weeks! They come in many designs and in oval and square, but I love the classic French. At a fraction of the cost of beauty salon acrylics they are worth trying!

8 Eylure Definition Lashes

Eylure is one of my staple false eyelash brands. They create so many different designs to suit a multitude of looks – you can never get bored with them! I love this particular design because it is full and fluttery with a more structured look. They are synthetic and full band, easy to apply and can be reused at least 10-15 times if not more. If you are new to false lashes or like to mix up your looks I highly recommend trying Eylure!

The Palettes

If you read my blog posts and follow my Instagram, you will know that eye-shadow palettes are my obsession! I love creating eye looks and easily have over 100 palettes to choose from when I am creating my own looks and working on my clients. In this haul, I picked up 3 gorgeous multipurpose palettes which can be used on all skin tones.

1 Urban Decay Nocturnal

This was an impulse buy! It is a small transportable palette with a mix of matte, shimmer and duo-chrome shades. It can be used for day or night looks and as with most Urban Decay eye-shadows, they are soft, highly pigmented and easy to blend. When switching the colours, the shimmers and duo-chromes were the easiest but all of them showed clearly after a couple of swipes. I have used this palette a few times and so far I have loved the results!

2 Zoeva Matte Spectrum

I had to wait a while to buy this palette as it was so popular when it was released! I love playing with colour so this palette is heaven for me. All the shadows are matte and very buttery and the pigmentation is excellent. There is a little kick back when using them but nothing too significant and once they are applied to the eyes the colours don’t move. I have used this palette many times in combination with other bright palettes and it works a treat!

3 Makeup Revolution’s Flawless 3 palette

Makeup Revolution is a great high street brand and perfect for building your makeup kit. I have a number of their eyeshadow palettes and loved the colours in this one! You can see from the swatches, it isn’t as highly pigmented as the previous two but when I applied some of the colours to my eyes, they showed up pretty well. The palette is a mix of mattes and shimmers and they all blend well together with minimal fall out. It’s the ideal Autumn palette especially if you like more natural looks.

I hope you found this post useful! All the beauty brands are regulars in my makeup and beauty collection and from the more affordable part of the beauty brand spectrum! If there are any you have never tried, I recommend you do as not only are they easy to obtain in regular high street stores, but they are often on offer and subject to good discounts! It’s definitely worth a look when you’re next out looking for a beauty bargain!

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