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Finding fashion inspiration on Instagram can feel devastating, between all the Fashion Nova clones and boring outfits that have been overdone. Luckily, there are some strange and wonderful ladies with truly innovative style who are going to be your next Carrie Bradshaw.

Adelina Rapon actually isn’t a style blogger – she’s a jeweller and photo fanatic out of Paris who just happens to have badass style. Adelina’s uniquely printed and wrap-front tops paired with unusual berets are often styled with a simple pair of jean, proving that you really only need to pay attention to the torso and above to make a good impression. The ultimate guide to French girl fashion.

Olivia Emily is a UK fashion blogger who is all about goth fashion, with the sharpest images and styling one her IG. Who knew goth could be so chic? She makes the looks accessible for non-goths, and ladies who love wearing black won’t be able to get enough of her account. Wednesday Adams gone Gucci, much?

Zoe London is also an effervescent alternative fashion babe on the ‘gram, but her day job is actually being a DJ and Youtuber instead of focusing on fashion. She just happens to look really fly as she lives her daily life! While those purple locks are what initially caught our eye, we love how she blends dark and light, with unique textures and nostalgic silhouettes.

Misery Girl, aka Tay is something out of an ASOS spread, but with way more style and finesse. We love her usage of pastels as well as various unthinkable combinations and outfits (where did she get that sexy cow-print crop top?). But most importantly her looks are accessible and not meticulously styled and photoshopped an unrealistic amount. It’s every girl meets cool girl, with a care-free vibe.

Camille Charriere is a Paris-born gal living in London who is signed t NEXT Management worldwide. Her outfits are that hard-to-nail Parisian style that’s somehow extremely casual but also extremely sophisticated and chic. Everything from her shiny, 80’s inspired, monochromatic satin suits to extra big, wide legged gaucho pants and a bra-free blouse, Camille gives us weird fashion inspo for days.

We kind of cheated here since this isn’t one gal, but rather a collage of the bizarre and wonderful world of Tokyo street style. These ladies are definitely not afraid of colour and popping out in a crowd – and in a world of Yeezy neutrals and Spanx-colored bandage dresses, we need something like this to brighten our days ASAP. There are also more toned down looks, so don’t fret if you’re not ready to go Joseph and The Technicolour Dream Coat just yet.

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