Age Is Wisdom- How To Stop Letting That Fear Of Aging Control You

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Take Ari Cohen’s blog, “Advanced Style” as the ultimate example. Cohen isn’t a female over the age of 60, but he chooses to photograph them and their irresistible styles because of the confidence and personality they exude. Their effervescence wouldn’t be as addictive if they didn’t have as many years of wisdoms and diverse experiences under their belts.

In all walks of life, older women seem to be shunned by society. You become invisible in the eyes of men, you’re forced to abide by some prescribed dress code, and ultimately give up your vivacity, because your “youth” is gone. But we’re here to let you know that youth doesn’t have to do with the number of years you’ve lived. It’s the energy that you’ve maintained through those years, and the glowing women of “Advanced Style” prove that with ease.

They don’t look at young “it” girls with envy, wishing they could time travel back to their twenties. They’ve already made all those mistakes, learned from them, and blossomed into an even more stunning flower of nuance. They don’t fear being lonely or undesired – they can see their own beauty and value with confidence, and if you don’t see it, that’s your loss! Their age is what’s made them “it” girls themselves with unbeatable swagger.

They see their wrinkles as a map of rich experiences, not a reason to hide in the dark and cover up. They negate the concept of granny cardigans, Spanx and skirts that hit below the knee, and instead adorn themselves in sumptuous heels, fabrics, and silhouettes to fully represent the queens that they are.

Older women are taking over fashion and beauty campaigns all over, and that’s because confidence reigns, and dominates a photo, not matter what age you are. Even a room full of beautiful, young models can’t rival that confidence.

But the key to all of this boils down to self-contentment, and the art of not caring what others think. Rather than needing years of experience to prove this, why not try to start young? Society pushes constructs like aging, youth, loneliness, and beauty on women to make them feel less than. So the first step is seeing yourself as enough, and realizing your beauty. Once you do that, whether you’re in your twenties or eighties, you can start actually living and fulfilling your joy, free of all shackles of expectations.

If we become obsessed with these constructs, we lose ourselves in them, and lose sight of the daily experiences that shape our very happiness. If you’re older and still single, that doesn’t make you a spinster. Take advantage of that freedom and travel the world solo, soaking in all the experiences you can get.

Let yourself make mistakes, but don’t let yourself live with regret, or be too hard on yourself. Regret is boring, and the love of your life should always be yourself, first and foremost..

Besides, you still have thousands of firsts to be had. Keep moving forward, put down the anti-wrinkle cream, and take a few wardrobe tips from the fabulous ladies of Advanced Style. As the creator of “Advanced Style” says: “you don’t need to be wealthy to be chic.” Realize that their radiance is only possible because of how fully they’ve lived their lives, without fear of judgement, and think of how your own possibilities could soar.

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