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Alright everyone, please join me in saying stockings are the total bomb! I don’t know why but you could get me the most amazing gifts and to me I would rather sit and dig through a stocking full of surprises and goodies! It’s like opening the greatest gift bag ever with all things geared at what you love! In other words, stockings are the jam.

Chapstick, make up brushes, warm mittens, fuzzy socks, come on guys! So, what I did what gathered up some things that I totally love getting in my stocking every year & things that I have added to my stocking wish list. They are all affordable, attainable and will surely be a hit for any girl.

A Wet Brush

Seriously, my life changed once I got this sweet little brush. Tangles don’t hurt to untangle anymore. I literally can’t tell you the time and aggravation that I have saved by switching to the WET brush.

Lindt Chocolate

I have never once in my life met a single girl, never mind single person that has not absolutely loved Lindt chocolate! If you get the assorted bag for her you may luck out and get her to share with you.

Coconut Body Butter

Body butter in general is a win but the coconut body butter is truly the best. Soft skin is a win for everyone.

Sugar Lip Treatment

Most girls will love getting any Chapstick or lip balm because that’s just something we love. If you really want to woo her in her stocking this year, check out the Sugar Lip Treatment. It has SP15 and moisturizes and softens your lips while leaving them just that much better looking. You can find this at Nordstrom, Sephora, and the list goes on. Trust me!

A Magazine

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I am not totally sure what magazine your girl is into, but I know that since I was even a teenager and having my mother put them in or with my stocking always was a huge hit. Now my fiancé stole that from her and he gets all the applause. Try Cosmo, People, Vogue, InStyle etc…

Faux Fur Pom Beanie

Totally cute and you can find them anywhere. I got the cutest pom beanie in the dollar section at Target for $5 and it has been a staple in my winter wardrobe. You see girls rocking them all over and they are definitely “in”.

Essie Nail Polish

I am super funny with Essie Nail Polish because it’s like a treat for me. I spend however much money to get a mani – pedi but Ill only splurge on a bottle of Essie if I am totally feeling myself that day. Get her the good stuff and get her Essie.


I think you can never have too many pairs of earbuds, unless you have that many. Then you’re just a crazy earbud collector. I like to have one pair in my purse, one in my car and then scattered in my home I am sure there are a few more but I can never find them. Plus, they go in your ears, so I think you should always have fresh pairs.

Fuzzy Socks

GIRLS LOVE FUZZY SOCKS – get her 10 pairs!

There you have it. These are stocking stuffers that are sure to please! You know that old saying, happy wife happy life! Go get ‘em!

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