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For this new 7Q for article today we are interviewing the Make-up artist and Influencer Roxette Arisa. Roxette´s tutorials, product reviews and best practices have a huge following: her YouTube channel has more than 500.000 subscribers and also on Instagram she has almost 90.000 people waiting for her next post! So, are you curios to get to know her in an Americanoize way?

1 – How would you define an ‘influencer’?

Someone who has a positive influence on modern society through social media 🙂

2 – What cannot miss in one of your videos?

Mistakes! I always include little bloopers because 1) they’re funny and 2) I think it’s important to remind my Roxstars that nobody is perfect and it’s okay to make mistakes.

3 – What do you feel is most important to your community?

Creating a positive atmosphere for people to expand their personal creativity, become more confident in their own skin, learn my self taught makeup techniques and most importantly have fun!

4 – Which is your most iconic video on YouTube? Why?

My Full Face Drugstore vs High End Dupes video is almost at 2 million views. I’d say that’s pretty iconic! It’s super helpful for people who want affordable options because I’m testing dupes on camera and giving my subscribers affordable options for high end makeup that looks and performs the same if not better!

5 – What is your favorite quote?

“Be you. No one else can do it better”

6 – What are you utterly obsessed with?

Acai Bowls! I have to have one every single day.

7 – Why is it important to partner with brands/products that fit you and your follower’s need?

I would never partner with a brand that I genuinely did not love. That’s just not me. I want my subscribers to trust me and my opinions. That is the most important thing to me and I would never sacrifice that trust.

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