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Here we are again, with our 7Q for our regular column, which features as its third interview the influencer Raffomarone. Raffaele Marone is originally from the Southern part of Italy, Naples. Professional Photographer, he travels all around the world, with a preference for American destinations, to shoot with Influencers and Models. We asked him 7Q to get to know him better… check it out!

1 – How would you define an ‘influencer’?

An Influencer is a normal person that inspires others. No matter on what, it can be related to fashion, lifestyle habits, beauty or how to behave. Influencers are the new celebs, they born, grow and die on social media channels.

2 -What do you feel is most important to your community?

I post on Instagram whatever I want, but on the other hand I try not to post a lot on my private life. The majority of my pics are about my work as photographer, my shootings. I know my followers really like them and are interested in seeing my pics style: they expect all the time good photos. I do not leave anything to chance, I am very careful and I always edit and post the best pics.

3 – Which is your most iconic pic on Instagram? Why?

Most probably this one below is my most iconic pic on Instagram: I am in Positano (nearby my home city), I wear Missoni (a brand that I love) and I have my inseparable Canon.

4 – What is your favorite quote?

“addo c’è gusto, nun c’è perdenza”, which translated means “Where there is enjoyment there is no loss.”

Sacrifices do not matter if something is done with enjoyment.

5 – What are you utterly obsessed with?

I am obsessed with women, their beauty, their values and flaws. It is my biggest passion. I love to take photos of them because in this way it is like I am printing their beauty in one time-frame. A picture is young forever.

6 – What is for you authenticity?

To be authentic, Real, provide the real image of who you are and how your life is, is a concept that unfortunately not many people understand. Most of the folks I have personally met thanks to social medias are really different than what I expected. Instagram is simply a mirror, I love to post who I really am, without filters or fiction. I was born in Naples, in the South of Italy, and there it is difficult to hide who you really are, because it is part of our 100% Made in South soul.

7 – What do you expect from Americanoize?

I am looking forward to have a space for express myself and my art. I want you to see my photo shootings around the world and fall in love with them!

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