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This new AMERICANOIZE regular column, 7Q for, features as its second interview the influencer LittleLadyPants. Originally From West Virginia now residing in Florida to pursue modeling full time, Hunter has a strong love for fashion, culture, and the art of story telling through self expression. Recently she has branched out to recording songs as a solo vocalist and reversing roles behind the lens and photographing events and models.

1) How would you define an ‘influencer’?

An influencer is someone above the norm. To influence someone is to open up the idea of change, something different, or something new. Technically the act of “influencing” could mean a lot more than that, but I believe the only proper way to be an influencer is to broaden the spectrum and pose questions to those around in able to help them grow. Essentially, helping them take those first steps towards finding themselves.

2) What do you feel is most important to your community?

Getting our groove back! Miami is a semi major music hub. We host a large EDM festival that attracts people from all over the world. We have a chance to create an experience like no other, but we’ve gone downhill. The energy and vibrancy that was the late 80s and early 90s Miami, back in the days of Miami bass, was what brought everyone together.

3) Which is your most iconic pic on Instagram? Why?

Anything with the Ohrangutang team! I mean i’m still receiving fan art from our first shoot almost 3 years ago. Mike and Cristina are iconic themselves!

4) What is your favorite quote?

“Everything you are looking for is already within you”.. I just level a lot with this because i’m bad about looking for happiness in the wrong way. Building yourself and growing is so rewarding.

5) What are you utterly obsessed with?

Twin peaks! I netflix binge on it constantly. I’m a sucker for a good 90s occult show.

6) What is for you authenticity?

This is such a simple question with a simple answer, and yet I know so few people who get the concept. Authenticity is when you’re purely yourself. Don’t be anything other than exactly who you wanna be, it’s so badass when you don’t have to hide yourself.

7) Why is it important to partner with brands/products that fit you and your follower’s needs?

All of my followers are organic for a reason. What good would it be if I paid for a bunch of people to see my content who won’t appreciate it. When I follow accounts, I always look at the overall look. Not paying attention to your audience would be like promoting an event I do not believe in. No one would go.

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