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Happy Tuesday Americanoizers! Are you ready for a new 7Q article? Today we are interviewing Lindsay Marie, aka Lindsayxxmarie. For the ones of you that do not know her yet, Lindsay is a 23 Year Old Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Youtuber and Instagrammer. Her videos feature the influencer while trying outfits, creating fashion lookbooks and giving her audience life/fashion/shopping tips. Check here interview below out and follow her on Instagram and YouTube!

  1. How would you define an ‘influencer’?

An influencer is just like anyone else with interests, passions, thoughts and feelings. However, an influencer is someone with a larger audience. That gives them the ability to share those passions and feelings and hopefully inspire those that look up to them.

  1. How do you think your influencer personality is going to evolve in the next 2 years?

I would love to become more self confident in what I do! It’s always a struggle comparing yourself to others and thinking you have to follow each trend. I hope to keep pushing towards being 100% myself all of the time.

  1. What is the difference between your Instagram Community and YouTube one?

I would say they are pretty similar. I always try to keep all of my content very fashion, real life and empowerment based. I do post more bloopers and behind the scenes on instagram though!

  1. What do you feel is most important to your followers?

Creating an empowering atmosphere! I get so many comments on how I’ve made them feel more inspired about being who they are. Also my favorite part of being an ‘influencer’!

  1. Which is your most iconic video on YouTube? Why?

I would say my instagram series is my favorite! I did a video called “How to slay your instagram” and it had a lot to do with posing, but also having fun with it! It got around 600,000 views in 5 monthsso I followed up with a “100 instagram pose ideas” which also got 200,000 views since last month!

  1. What are you utterly obsessed with?

Self help books and motivation speakers. I always make sure to read, watch or listen to something that keeps me feeling motivated or inspired!

  1. Why is it important to partner with brands/products that fit you and your follower’s need?

To stay authentic and only talk about things I really love or think is useful to them! I wouldn’t feel right talking about something that I didn’t love and then thinking about someone spending their hard earned money on it.

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