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This new AMERICANOIZE regular column, 7Q for, features as its first interview the influencer Catabalzano. Journalist, TV host, producer, Caterina is the pen behind many articles you can read on the Miami Herald and El Nuevo Herald. But who is she as an influencer? Let’s ask her 7Questions!

1) How would you define an ‘influencer’?

“An influencer to me is someone who is able ti impact others’ opinion on something or someone. I define the influencer as the leader, and the person who knows that they set the standards, the rules of their own life, and others can feel inspired by that and begin building on their own. We all have the power to influence others, but it’s important that we believe in what we are doing and that we always seek to do good with that influence.”

2) What do you feel is most important to your community?

“A sense of unity. Miami is still not a major city; it’s still growing into a real city, and we who are here to presence all that changes, should stay united and be willing to help each-other. Something that I know the Miami community loves is whatever is in, trending, in style, in the word-of-mouth… which can sometimes be a bit exhausting. But I guess that’s what happens when you’re still a small city, and something like Brickell City Center opens, or the first Top Shop opens and people go crazy. Therefore, people love to be and stay informed on the best, coolest, chic-est places to be.

3) Which is your most iconic pic on Instagram? Why?

“I don’t have a single one. I have constantly made my Instagram about the story of my life. I’m telling the story of how Caterina’s career begins, develops, transforms, and people really do see and feel the essence of who I am. People see my passion, my hard work, my drive and my love for what I do. They also see my fashion-forwardness, my persistence in doing what I like, my will to inspire others… and my Instagram is like a book full of chapters, and obviously every chapter has its iconic moments that I’ve posted, but out of all of them, there’s a set of three, that a photographer took of me when I first jumped into independent writing and entrepreneurship. I posted all three – one after the other – and in each one I tell the story of how I always wanted to do what I do, and what entrepreneurship means to me.

4) What is your favorite quote?

“Once you figure out who you are and what you love about yourself, I think it all kinda falls into place.” – Jennifer Aniston

5) What are you utterly obsessed with?

The color pink. It’s a staple of my taste, my room, my personality and my brand. I have always loved pink, and it’s actually trending now, so there are so many options for pink everything.”

6) What is for you authenticity?

“Authenticity is knowing what you like and who you truly are and accepting it. It’s being the same person, with the same heart, soul and energy no matter the place or the people that you are around. I firmly believe that one must always remind oneself that authenticity is what keeps you grounded in a world where everyone wants to move, lead or influence.

7) Why is it important to partner with brands/products that fit you and your follower’s needs?

“To me it’s about the relationship with the people behind that brand. If my lifestyle (fashion-forward, multicultural, goal-driven, journalist living in Miami), and the way I portray it online fits the esthetics of a brand, then I am always happy to partner with them, because I get to experience the product – which many times I already love or end up falling in love with – and they get authentic, honest, raw material and reviews, and they get to use and re-post the content if they want.”

Follow Caterina on Instagram and on her website.

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