7 Last-Minute Holiday Outfits You Already Own

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It is the season to party! Even though the first half of December is gone you still have a number of parties to attend. With all the spending you will do for gifts and travel probably the last expense you want is shopping around for new outfits. If you do not want to go shopping or you are on a tight schedule here are 7 outfits that you will find last minute in your closet.

1. The little black dress

For most people this is the go to look for almost any occasion. You can make it look new by wearing a sheer lace top underneath the dress. This makes the dress look brand new while at the same time modernizing it.

2. Black jump suit

It is probably the most reliable and easy thing to throw on when you only have a few minutes to spare. Dress it up with statement rings, a clutch bag and your best heals and you are ready to party.

3. A fringe dress

On its own a fringe dress feels cheery but with the right accessories you can make it work. Wear some sexy black boots, some playful earrings and a conversation starting clutch.

4. Velvet top

While on its own it does not look fit to go to the end of year party, wear a pencil skirt, a pair of crawler earrings.

5. Black pants

You can choose to be edgy by wearing all black. Style your old pair of leather pants with some sexy heals and a black top that is a little revealing.

6. Work wear trousers

You can instantly turn your everyday work trousers into a classic outfit by throwing on a statement top and accessorizing right.

7. The sequin skirt

You probably bought it years ago and you have never worn it. To keep the look elegant you can throw on a black turtleneck and some pointy toe heels.

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