7 Great Black Braided Hairstyles for 2018

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Black braided hairstyles make space for creativity. There are so many great and interesting braiding techniques to make every head unique and we selected 7 of the best you can experiment in 2018.

1. Box Braids

Are a trendy look that is not going away anytime soon. These braids look amazing with long hair. Wear them flowing down your back or up in a ponytail for fun fashion. You can even create pigtails for a girlie look.

black Box Braids

2. Mixed Braid Updo

is the perfect hairstyle for formal events. Add some color to it or style it up with beads. If you want your elegant look to last a few days, be sure to wear a silk scarf around your hair while you sleep.

black mixed braid updo

3. The Black Braided Bun Updo

is an attention grabber. This hair design features swirls of smaller braids and larger braids pulled back into a classy bun. Add jeweled hair clips to your hair for a dramatic effect.

Black Braided Bun Updo

4. Mini Braids

are fabulous for the ladies with bob haircuts. A side part with an asymmetrical design gives the style a sleek look. These tiny braids also work great with long hair for women or men.

black mini braids

5. Snake Braids

are exotic and look amazing for any occasion. These braids are woven closely to the head. Add colorful beads to create your own personal style.

black snake braided hairstyle

6. The Double Braids Up-do

is another versatile style for day or night. This design features two rows of thick braids on each side of the head meeting in the back creating a swirl braided bun. The casual look suits for days at the office or when you are out shopping with the girls.

black Double Braids hairs

7. Goddess Braids

There are several combinations of this braiding style. One of them is a side swept thick braid that begins at the forehead and trails around one side to cascade down the shoulder creating a romantic vibe. Another design of this braid is several thick rows of braids woven against the scalp and left hanging down the back.

black goddess braids

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