5 Things You Never Knew About The Making Of ‘Stranger Things’

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Stranger Things is coming again for Season 2 on October 27, and because you probably cannot give attention to anything else, you may as properly nerd out over some utterly thrilling trivia in regards to the making of the show. And this most likely goes with out saying, however this article comprises all sorts of spoilers for Stranger Things’ first season.

1. Millie Bobby Brown Was Super Disappointed in Her Kissing Scene

Eleven and Mike share a very sweet kiss towards the end of Stranger Things’ first season, however apparently Millie Bobby Brown wasn’t here for it. “Once it happened, it was just, whatever,” Finn Wolfhard defined. “Millie’s reaction was the funniest factor I’ve ever seen on set. We didn’t kiss till the first take, and we did it. It was a extremely good take. They yelled cut. Millie got up and simply seemed, disappointed. Then she yelled out, ‘Kissing sucks. That sucked.’ That’s what she said. It was the funniest response I’ve ever seen on an individual, as a result of I was her first kiss. I don’t know, it was actually, really funny. We had been extra comfortable with it than anybody else could be, which, I was actually glad that occurred.”

2. The Actor Who Performs Lucas Needed to Wear That Camo Bandana

Per the Duffer brothers, Caleb insisted that Lucas put on the bandana: “Sometimes our kids have great ideas, and this is one of those times!”

3. Creating Winter Scenes Was a CHORE

Per the Duffers, “To create snow for our winter scenes, we shipped over 20 tons of ice…from Florida.”

4. Millie Bobby Brown Needed to Put on a 70 Pound Helmet in Underwater Scenes

EW reports that for the isolation tank scenes, Millie Bobby Brown was totally submerged underwater and needed to put on a Sea Trek helmet—which weighs a whopping 70 lbs.

5. Winona Ryder Needed Her Hair Modeled on Meryl Streep’s in Silkwood

“You realize, her haircut. She actually needed it like Meryl Streep’s in Silkwood,” Matt Duffer defined, while Ross added, “We got that image from her early on. She stated, ‘This is Joyce. This is what she’s gotta appear to be.'”

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