5 Foods To Lay on For a Healthier Skin This Summer

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Summers are the time of lazy picnics, a healthy tan and fun. But with the scorching sun outside, chances of dehydration is high, which may cause headaches, irritations, tiredness, insomnia etc. which would all be reflected on the skin too.

Water is a must; there isn’t a way out without that fluid, but there are some amazing foods too which shall help in having a healthy summer.

1.  Hydrating Fluids

Water is the most important “food” for our body, balancing all its functions as well as keeping all of our organs in proper working condition. Detoxifying, hydrating and keeping the cells young, water is a wonder drink, providing for the better absorption of all of the required nutrients. Water, low sodium vegetable soups, and broths, green tea, fat-free or low-fat milk keep the skin hydrated. Cucumbers and watermelons too are a big hit in replacing the fluids in the hot weather.

But cut down on the aerated and sweetened drinks. They do nothing but cause inflammation. Also cut down on frozen margaritas and bottled cocktails that you enjoy at the beach parties, for they dehydrate than hydrate the body. Enjoy low sugar or sugar-free drinks instead. One can also opt for tequilas such as don julio tequila or brandy liquors.

  2.  Healthy Fats

Fats and oils are needed so as to retain the skin’s elasticity and moisture. With the sun at full blaze, a regular supply of healthy fats and oil is required so as to moisturize the skin and keep it radiant. Moreover, fatty acids like omega-3 and the mono and polyunsaturated fats in carotenoids and vitamin c are reported to have anti-inflammatory properties. So grab your full of avocados, olive oil, sardines, salmon and walnuts for a healthy and glowing skin this summer.

   3.   Vitamin C

Hyper-pigmentation and photo-aging are common problems during the summer and collagens are what you need to fight off these two. Vitamin C, an important factor in the production of collagen, is also known to have anti photo-aging capacities and anti-skin cancer properties. It also works as an antioxidant thus increasing its healing and detox values. Kiwi Fruit, strawberries, oranges, grapefruit, yellow bell peppers, and broccoli are some Vitamin C rich foods you’ll need this summer.


4.   Protein

All of the body’s organs, tissues and skin are made of protein. It is also essential in the production of various hormones and other chemicals required for the proper functioning of the body. It also helps in the faster repair and replacement of worn out cells. The best choices for your supply of protein would be eggs, fish, poultry, beans, and peas, especially the sprouted ones. Make them a salad( with less sauce of course) or just toss them raw with some lime juice to fulfill your daily protein needs. Don’t go for charred meat, chicken or fish, for cooking these at high temperatures may result in the development of various dangerous chemicals which may trigger your risks of developing cancers. Hot dogs and fried foods too are to be cut down for they may cause dehydration and other problems.

 5.    Carotenoids

Orange coloured veggies and fruits with their phytonutrients- the carotenoids, impart a healthy glow to the skin when consumed regularly, thanks to the alpha and beta-carotene. They are also reported to give protection against sunburns, giving a boost to dull complexions with a natural glow.

Foods rich in carotenoids include carrots, pumpkins, tomatoes, mangoes, kale, and spinach. Include these in your daily diet for a healthy living, sun-kissed glow all throughout the year.With the days long and warm, summers are the best time to have all the fun you’ve been missing out in the cold winter. Sunscreen, aloe and lots of fluids are your best buddies for the summer along with a balanced diet, you can have all the fun summer has to offer, without the sunburns and dehydration. So what is the wait for? Go get that summer feeling!






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