The 5 Best Family Vloggers That You’ll Want to Follow

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So, you want to nail this parenting thing, don’t you? You can use all the help you can get, right? After all, you’re a new parent and have no clue what you’re doing.

All you know is this. You live for your family and you want to give your child the best life possible. Getting some pointers along the way from people who have been there and done that is not only welcomed but a necessity.

Lucky you, there are plenty of seasoned professionals who want to share their experiences with the world through vlogging. Vlogging is video logging. It’s like a visual and auditory way to blog about a variety of subjects including being a parent.

Here are the five best family vloggers that you’ll want to follow:

  1. RomanAtwoodVlogs

RomanAtwoodVlogs and a girl

Nothing attests to the success of a YouTuber than the number of subscribers they have for their channel. The family of Roman Atwood includes Roman, his wife, and three children. They have an incredible 13.5 million subscribers and counting on their channel! When it comes to parenting the right way, this couple is winning!

  1. Shaytards

Shaytards family on the coach

Dad Shay and his family keep viewers laughing on this mega-popular YouTube channel. It has 4.9 million subscribers and keeps growing daily.

  1. Daily Bumps

Missy and Brian from Daily Bumps

Missy and Bryan’s wildly successful channel has over 2.8 million subscribers. The two tell true tales about what is like to parent two young sons.

  1. Sam and Nia

This family vlog has 2.1 million subscribers. It follows the lives of two high school sweethearts, Sam and Nia, as they raise their three children. Not only is the family popular on YouTube, they also have a huge following on social media.

  1. ItsJudysLife

ItsJudysLife family with their children

Another young YouTube vlogging couple shares the joys of parenting three girls. They document their experiences big and small to share with their 1.5 million subscribers.

Now that you know who to follow and why, you’ll have no problem picking up parenting tips as your child ages. Every stage of life offers a new set of challenges. Tackle them with ease by applying what you’ve learned from the family vloggers you now follow.

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