4 Ways Meditation Can Help Manage Feelings And Thoughts

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Anger, love, sadness, happiness… so many feelings in our hearts. And on any given day, up to 70,000 thoughts whizz through our minds. Our awareness of this rich inner life is usually very low.
How can we best manage our emotions, thoughts and feelings?

Pause, a meditation app might just be the answer.

Thoughts and Feelings Never Stop

So – 70 000 thoughts a day. From the moment we wake up until the sour-sweet oblivion of sleep, we generate thoughts – up to 4 simultaneously!

We also create thoughts while we’re asleep, but they’re more akin to sorting out the daily files, and are mostly unconscious.

Thoughts also generate emotions. For instance, typically, over-thinking creates stress. At work, stress accounts for 50% to 60% of lost productivity. This is quite a stunning figure to us.

Stress also brings its own bag of goodies – anger, frustration, depression… Our thoughts get caught on a loop, one we are hardly aware of, and one that bores into us relentlessly.

This loop affects us across the board – in our relationships, in our work, with our families… Our societies are so fast-paced it is hard to take the time to simply be and listen. Listening “out” to others, but very importantly, “listening in”, to ourselves.

This is where Pause comes in.

Pause, the Meditation App: the best choice you can make for yourself

  1. It is the choice of intellectual integrity.

As long as we do not face ourselves, we do not know ourselves. If we do not know ourselves, we live our lives like sleepwalkers. We are steered randomly, half-hazardly by unexamined memories and beliefs, thoughts and emotions, desires and rules.

Through its short sessions that use the best of NLP, non-violent communication, self-hypnosis, cognitive science and much more, Pause helps you listen and hear yourself for the first time, maybe, in years. Pause is a wonderful guide back to your emotions and feelings.

  1. It is the choice of mental health.

In the US, 18% of adults suffer from panic syndrome. We created an SOS session in case you get overwhelmed. We hope you never need to use it, but it’s there for you.
For people suffering from ‘normal’ stress and wear and tear, all our sessions are designed to help you touch base with yourself and regain sovereignty over your inner world.

  1. It is the choice of self-love.

By becoming aware of our thoughts, we can decide which ones are useful, and which ones are not. Which ones are outdated, which ones make us happy, which ones we ‘deserve’, which ones do not need to hurt anymore.
With its personalized sessions adapted to specific feelings and emotions, Pause helps you cultivate the most supportive thoughts, for you. This inevitably trickles down to those you love.

  1. It is the choice of mastery.

The mind is a wonderful servant, but a bad master. When it’s all over the place, the Buddhists call it ‘monkey mind’. Polish people have a great saying when they see drama in someone else “Not my circus, not my monkeys’. However, sometimes, those ARE our monkeys.
With special series about Relationships or Love Languages, Pause will help you communicate more effectively and lovingly.
Pause is a meditation app launched in September 2017. The app is available in English and coming soon in French and German.

Download on App store and Google play store. 

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