4 Ways To Find Out About The Ring Size Of Your Special Someone

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How To Know Her Ring Size Without Her Knowing?

The day you have been waiting for has finally arrived. You are going to pop the question and you feel excited and nervous at the same time. Everything is set. You just need to find the perfect engagement ring to make the moment even more memorable. You have done an extensive research on the kind of ring you want your special someone to wear. Suddenly, you felt apprehensive, and it is all because you do not know her ring size. If you ask her about it, then it will no longer be a surprise.

The wedding proposal has to be a secret, but there are challenges you need to face such as finding your loved one’s ring size. The good news is that there are many ways you can get this essential information. Of course, you need to keep in mind that it will not be easy. Each tactic comes with its own challenges. While there are easier steps, there is no guarantee that they will yield desirable results.


1. Ask Her Family or Friends

If there are people who know your loved one very well, they are her friends and family. Some of them may already be engaged or married and can give you a good idea of your girlfriend’s ring size. There is one caution though: the information might not be accurate. The only way you can be 100% sure that you get the right ring size is when her close friend or sister has worn one of her rings.

Your girlfriend’s family and friends may have bought her a ring as a gift. You can use this as a reference as well. Since friends and family are just as excited as you are, you will need to tell them that your plan of buying an engagement ring should be kept a secret. You do not want her friends or family to ruin the moment so only get the information from trusted individuals. Things will not go as planned when someone spoils the fun.

2. Borrow Her Ring

Another way that you can determine your girlfriend’s ring size is when you casually borrow one of her rings. Do not make it too obvious that you are planning to propose to her. May as well take it without her permission. After all, it is only temporary and for a good cause. This tactic will test your skills in playing detective. Find out where she usually keeps her ring. Borrow it, but make sure she will never find out or she will go ballistic.

Timing is everything. Choose a time where you do not have to worry about her coming back so soon. Find out where she would usually keep her ring. It could be in her jewelry box or drawer. Once you get access to her jewelry box, the next thing you should do is to press the ring into a soft object like a bar of soap. Make sure that you rinse the ring carefully so she will not notice that someone touched her treasured jewelry.

Aside from the ring size, you should also know which hand and finger she wears the ring on. Her dominant hand might be larger than the less dominant hand. Each finger also has a different ring size. You can also take the ring to a jeweler because they can easily determine the approximate size and find out which hand she wears the ring on.

3. Ask Without Being Too Obvious

Like tactic number 2, you will also need some skill to pull this off. You cannot simply ask about her ring size out of the blue. Sneaking the topic into the conversation may not be easy so you need to find a good timing. For instance, you can ask about her size tricking her into believing that you are planning to buy your mom or sister a ring. Tell her that you want to get an idea of the ring size for you to be sure that you get the perfect present. You can also discuss a friend getting married and how amazed you are by the groom’s ability to guess the ring size of her bride.

4. Get The Ring Size While She Sleeps

If you do not have the guts to sneak the ring size into the conversation, you can wait until she is asleep and slip a piece of paper or string into her ring finger to get the accurate measurement. Keep in mind that this tactic is only effective if your girlfriend is a heavy sleeper. You will need to get the ring size of both hands especially if you are unsure which hand she frequently uses.

Once you have successfully identified the ring size, that next step to take is to go to a jewelry store that offers a great selection of engagement rings. This is only a once in a lifetime moment. You just cannot afford to blow your chance of making it memorable.

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