4 Must-Follow Long-Lasting Instagram Couples

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Social networks have changed the way we live. Instagram in particular has opened up space for people to express their lives and more often than not we are always left in awe at their photos. Here are some of the most long-lasting Instagram couples who have made us want to fall and believe in love.


Don’t we just love Debi. Her simple but sophisticated fashion statement blows our minds each time she posts. Kevin and Debi have been traveling the world together and collaborating with different media. We see them bud and grow into a single brand capturing moments in different parts of the world.


This powerful Youtube Couple has left us paralyzed with jealousy with their photos on Instagram. The two begun their relationship long before they were stars on Youtube and have kept their flame burning at the highest temperatures. Bianca “Bibi” Heinicke (” BibisBeautyPalace “) and Julian Classen (“Julienco”) are not only successful but are a real power couple.


These two couples make us travel the world without having to set foot on destinations. Their epic tour pictures and leisure travels have made them one of the most sough out after couples for collaborations with media companies. Their diversified group of followers sit at the apex of their success. while they might at time share different postings on Instagram, this couple is surely one to reckon with when most relationship spans are put to test.


Alex, the self declared Instagram husband, has always been behind the camera of her soulmate ever since she got our attention. He manages and organizes all of Courture’s cooperation and media outfits. Leonnie Hanne (“Couture”), the German lifestyle and fashion blogger and influencer, on the other hand gains from her husbands support by getting professional photos to help in her work. What other #relationshipgoals do you want if you can help nurture and grow each other?

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