4 Industry Trends Every Fashion Designer Should Know

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Fashion design is a complicated profession whereby designers have only two distinct routes to take once they decide to do it commercially. These are either becoming an entrepreneur and launching their own brand and being ready to deal with everything that takes place between the conceptions of an idea and getting the end product to the consumer or alternatively they can join an established brand and come up with designs for a company. The latter limits the creativity and autonomy of the designer although it shields them from all the hustles of running a company. However, new trends have emerged that have combined these two approaches to entering the fashion design world.

eCommerce or online businesses have grown tremendously in the recent past. Statistics show that between June of 2015 and June of 2016, there was a 7.5% increase in online sales. This signifies great prospects for designers because they can comfortably operate a business online and compete with bigger and more established businesses without the need to operate a physical business location.

These are the 4 trends that every designer who is planning to take the entrepreneur route should know;

1. Social Commerce

In this modern age of information, social media is crucial for any brand. There are a good number of people who buy accessories and clothing due to social media influence. Posting content on social media and or having an influential figure review your designs online is not enough; people want to hear the story behind the product. As an entrepreneur, you should capitalize on this phenomenon and share your story with your target audience because it will help them connect with your brand and buy it.

2. Empowerment of designers

The increase of online users that is being experienced every day gives designers an opportunity to gain from eCommerce, however, it does not eliminate the challenges that are part and parcel of launching a new company. Some of these challenges include production and marketing. A designer can come up with a stunning design for clothes of shoes but they cannot monetize it if they do not have the money to open a manufacturing firm that will produce the products. Luckily, some eCommerce and manufacturing platforms have filled this gap for designers. These platforms include Etsy and ROOY.

3. Millennials prefer to buy designer products

Millennials have a robust consumer behavior compared to the older generation. They have a taste for specialty products and also have a great influence on how fashion companies are behaving in the market. A designer who intends to succeed in today’s market should take advantage of this trend and target this segment of the population.

4. Asian Market

The middle class in many Asian Countries is increasing by leaps and bounds which has triggered exponential growth in the region. Research by Transparency Market Research found that the general Asian Market will experience a $17 billion growth in seven years to come. Designers who want to get a share of the new market should research about the popular styles in these markets. The projected growth can provide designers with an opportunity to make a lot of sales. Designers who are based in these regions should increase the volume of production to meet the demand that is expected to increase. There are vibrant fashion centers in Tokyo and Seoul which can give designers great exposure as long as their designs resonate with the market.

Basically, designers that intend to make the most of these trends should identify which suits them best and go for it. The end result will be a fashion industry where everyone competes on a level ground due to fewer middlemen.

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