4 Great Apps for Women

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Considering all the busy days a woman has, it would not be such a bad idea for her to have a helping hand in everything that she does during the day. With today’s technology and smartphones, all this is possible. Some life-changing apps can help a girl out in these times. Here are some of the Apps that can help you out.

Companion App

This is more of a security App. In case you sense you are not okay or you start feeling nervous this App is there to help you. It even has 911 included as an emergency number.

My Pill

This is a great App for women that reminds a woman of which time to take her pill. It also shows you the last time you took the pill. It can also be used for reminding the woman of other birth control methods.

The OPI App

This helps the woman to try out different shades of color and see how they look before choosing what to paint. By taking a picture of your hand to see how you will look after application. The app also automatically updates the latest trending colors for you and you do not have to keep on updating every month. You can also create a wish list if you have an event like a birthday coming up and send to your loved one so they can know what you would like.

Ruby by Glow App

This app is measured by data. It deals with anything concerning health or sex. If you are trying to avoid getting pregnant, then this is the app for you.


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