3 Steps for Kissable Lips

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If you are wondering how to create some nice lips, follow these easy steps!
But before you begin with any of these steps, be sure that your lips are moisturized, or they will start cracking after 1 hour of wearing lipstick.

– Lip Contour
Lip contouring is the easiest trick, and dependant upon the lip shape you have, you will find methods to play up them and allow them to look their best. Use a lip liner to define your lip shape. If you have thin lips, you can overdraw and create a shape that you like more, but careful to not overdraw too much or it will be noticeable. You can do this with every color, to a nude look to a darker one. When you do this use a lip liner darker than the shade of the lipstick, with this method, you will create a shadow that will make your lips look more prominent.

– Lip Plumper
For a bit a volume, without doing the contour, try a lip plumper gloss. The effect won’t last long, but if you want something easy, that’s perfect.

– Gloss
Add a gloss to your daily routine that will give your lips a fresh, moist and full look.

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