3 Great Rooftop Bars In NYC

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Imagine sipping cocktails with New York City skyscrapers as your backdrop. With rooftop bars present throughout the Big Apple, you can. You’ll get over your fear of heights fast when you realize what an exceptional experience drinking from the tops of NYC’s best bars. It may not be something you think to do every day but having rooftop bars NYC experiences will stay with you for the rest of your life.

Some of the best rooftop bars in NYC include:

1. Roof at Park South

Located on the deck on top of Park South Hotel in Gramercy, this exception space provides outstanding views of the Empire State and Chrysler buildings. It’s worth checking out year-round as a fireplace covered with crackled glass keeps you warm and toasty whenever the liquor doesn’t.

2. Gallow Green

Vibrant and lively, this greenery-filled rooftop NYC bar is named after the Scottish field where suspected witches were hung. The cozy atmosphere and signature drinks are what make this bar on a rooftop memorable. It’s like a backyard oasis but on the rooftop of a really tall building!

3. Top of the Strand

The Strand Hotel’s 21st floor gives you a front-row view of the Empire State Building in all of its glory. The skyline at night is incredible. So are the drink specials and cabana. If it’s too cold out, the retractable glass roof provides ample insulation without blocking the view of the night sky.

Now that you know where to go to enjoy sensational heights, sights, and drink specials, you’ll never want to experience ground-level bars again. New York City’s rooftop bars are to be enjoyed over and over again. If you’ve never drunk from the top of a building, you’re missing out. Make it a point to visit one if not all of the rooftop bars on the list in the upcoming year.

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