2018 Resolutions Have To Start With The Closet!

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2018 has just started and I read everywhere everybody’s resolutions for this new year.

I want to be honest to tell you that for ages I wrote down all my resolutions too but, since a couple of years, I have dismissed this habit. Why? Even if I am a big fan of writing down ideas and desires because I think that the visual power is really important and effective, sometimes what I hope for myself at the beginning of the year is not the same in the middle or in the end… So I ended up writing new year resolutions and started to write all I want on a small notebook everytime I want deeply something in my life. If it happens that I didn’t want it anymore I erased it and every time I pursued it, I sketch a start and write Thank You! next to it.

Very easy but really really helpful. Is there any of you out there who do the same with positive result?

Also don’t underestimate the power of the surprises that life can take to you without any plans and resolutions.

Ahhhh you know… Life is just amazing!

So while throwing out from the window all the words written on the paper ( take care of not throw out your pc but simply erase the sheet!) I wanna suggest you to do one thing that is so powerful ( and at the same time helpful)… Re-organise your wardrobe!

Raise your hands if you have never said looking at your closet ” OMG, I have nothing to wear” even if the wardrobe is full of clothes. Did you ever experience that feeling of continuing buy stuffs but never wear them because you cannot see them inside? I have felt on my skin all these awkward moments and I was very unsatisfied and confused. There is nothing else you can do, is time to go in front of your closet, put the helmet on and start the battle.

If the clothes, shoes and accessories are in a very bad condition put them in trash but if they are almost new, put them in a box and give them to charity associations for poor or homeless people.

One of your 2018 key-points should become the give back. If you are lucky enough to have in your home something new that you don’t like, give to it a second chances, as out there, there’s someone who will be so happy to own it!

First thing first to do, take out from the closet every single item. Yes you read right… every one! If you want to organize it in a better way, you must start with an empty space. Take courage friends, may the force be with you!

When everything is on the floor you should make your first big hard decision with  every single item: Take or Toss? Be objective and ruthless… that skirt that is 5 years that you didn’t wear is absolutely toss! No babe, the excuse “This year I will have the occasion of wear it” is old like the world, don’t try to tell it to me. In all these years no occasions and it will come in 2018? Put it down. If the item is in a good condition, as I wrote it before, you can give it to less lucky people or if the item is so valuable and important you can try to sell it in a vintage shop and guess what? The shop will give you money and you can buy a brand new stuff!

At this point you should start to think how organize everything… A simple and easy solution is to divide everything in categories. Skirts together on a side, after trousers, dresses, blouse, blazers, jackets, shirt. But now it can happen the appearance of a problem… Do you have all the necessary space to hang everything?

Oh damn! I can feel the upset sensation on your face.

I’m almost obsessed with hanging everything but I had to compromise with the little practicability of the thing. If you haven’t the space like me, you can fold blouses and shirts and put them underneath the hanging clothes. Of course Ikea and those home online shops thought about us when created boxes and hanger for the closet. Save some space using transparent boxes or multi-sections boxes, perfect for belts, ties, socks and scarves.

About the shoes. First of all I must say that I don’t like put shoes in the closet for hygienical reasons ( on the ground there is everything!) so thinking that you have a own space for shoes I studied this solution. Sometimes brands ( like Zara for example) don’t sell shoes with their proper boxes so you can use transparent boxes ( again you can find them at Ikea), useful to see immediately what are you searching for, and put in every shoe the shape. If you don’t have the transparent boxes, you can shoot a polaroid or a simple photo and paste it to the box, with a great saving of time instead of open every single one to find out where are the shoes you wanted to wear.

And the bags? For bags you have several choices… Put them in their dustbags underneath the hanged clothes if you haven’t already used the space for the fold blouses; you can hang them at the door closet; if you have little shelves inside the closet you can put them there.

Now that the all the work is done, put a scent for ambiance on the inside and everything will appear immediately fresh and perfumed. And… with all the blanket space you have created, is time to sit down on the couch and enjoy the cyber sales 😉 New things are coming!

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